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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Scooby

This adorable Chi-weenie is so fun to be around don't be surprised if you hear yourself humming, "Scooby scooby do, where are you?" Scooby is such a happy active senior dog it's hard to believe he's seven years old [...]

Scooby arrived at Muttville on July 30 and is he a happy guy! From the moment Scooby got here he's showing everyone that he's the life of any party. Watch the video below to see how much he loves ice cream!

Everyone at Muttville has watched as he quickly made new friends. 

This lovely boy weighs 15 pounds and is 7 years of age. Scooby is on the young side of seniorism in both mind and body. This boy is active, and friendly.

Come down to Rescue Row in San Francisco and meet Scooby at Muttville



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