Grey Muzzle Lovers it’s Adopt A Senior Dog Month ♥️

A favorite quote from Edith Wharton that many small dog lovers know by heart is how we begin November and Adopt a Senior Dog Month!


How much does this little face make your heart skip a beat? Older dogs have so much love and joy to offer if you give them a chance, or a second chance, when you adopt.

Check out all the senior sweethearts at the following animal nonprofits:

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary

Oldies Club UK


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Adopt a Senior Dog Month: Reason #5 Why Senior Dogs Are Amazing

Wonder why senior dogs are amazing? One big reason is they show how age is just a number!!

image from

November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month. Discover for yourself how older dogs can positively influence your life, and just how it feels to have one show you what fearlessly giving is.


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Why Caring For Old Dogs Matter

Maybe it's my own old bones talking, but I care a lot about senior dogs. At first, I thought my feelings were due to having my own old dog at home but she passed away almost two years ago. Then I thought it was because of my own rapidly aging parents, and watching their approach to life. But with all of them gone now my caring about old dogs hasn't diminished at all, in fact I care even more!

Why Caring For Old Dogs Matter

When I spend time with an old dog, my empathy for their lumps and bumps is real. If I see one dealing with poor vision, I find myself cleaning my smudged glasses in solidarity. Take an old dog for a walk, and savor their slow and measured pace. It's the perfect balm to impatience.

Bonus from Volunteering

When an old dog smiles with joy it feels like you just won a special prize. If one is feeling grouchy because of an ache, you'll find out fast. Old dogs are very present with their emotions. Spending time with them each week, I benefit from these mini-lessons and go home a better person.

When we care about, and for, old dogs, our lives are enriched as much as theirs. It's that simple. 

Why Caring Four Old Dogs Matters

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Showing kindness to animals made my vacation better

Wherever you are, wherever you travel, around the block, or across the world, be kind to animals. Your heart will thank you, and if you're like me, you get a sweet puppy kiss from an Anatolian Shepherd in the Turkish countryside. Now that's my kind of Turkish Delight!!

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The first week of May is Be Kind to Animals Week.

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Dog walk ends in perfect nap with pug

When an artist is a dog lover they never seem to fail to capture the essence of our relationship in their painting or illustration. Behold this beautiful and peaceful image from, My Favorite Things, a book by Maira Kalman. Can't you feel how relaxed these two are on the grass, sharing a special quietude? It brings to mind my memories of similar moments with my dog on our living room rugs.
From the book, My Favorite Things, by Maira Kalman

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What's so special about a senior dog anyway?

If you want to know what pure love feels like, live with a senior dog. If you want to experience the friendship that Oscar and Felix from the Odd Couple had, live with a senior dog. If your idea of a best friend is the unquestioning companionship of a golden girl like this one here, then you have begun to understand what's special about loving an old dog.

Image from



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