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Product Review | Plato's Farmers Market Dog Treats

My senior dog Cleo reminds me of my 92 year old aunt. They both enjoy their routines, and both rely on us to make sure they eat right. Before we discovered my dog had several food allergies, our top priority was managing the cost of feeding her. Cleo is a big food-motivated Husky-Shepherd. Five years ago, she raced around so much that she burned off ten pounds in a couple months living in the San Francisco Presidio.

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A few years later, after she was diagnosed with diabetes, her restricted diet changed yet again. As Cleo's aging process progressed she showed disinterest in certain types of treats for the first time. After much experimentation we found a dog treat that covered all of our bases.

We bought our first bag of Plato's Farmers Market dog treats because it didn't include rice, one of the foods Cleo is allergic to. Rice is a very common ingredient in dog treats. Finding a treat without wheat or corn is easy but without brown rice is harder than you might think! And if you want it to be stinky, even more difficult. We wasted a lot of money trying to find one Cleo liked and also met her dietary needs.

Fun and Games.

Today we use dog treats during games of hide-and-seek on her blanket, and as a reward for winning "race me down the hallway." Besides her sense of smell becoming somewhat diminished with age, the diabetes has contributed to Cleo losing her vision. 

Good kind of stinky.

Cleo loves strong smelling food and Plato's Farmers Market natural salmon and vegetables recipe is our current favorite. If you follow Grouchy Puppy on social media, you probably have seen us oversharing about how great Cleo's digestion* is, and these treats include probiotic for healthy digestion besides fruit and vegetables.

Unless you bake your own.

The Farmers Market dog treats aren't the cheapest but with Cleo in her golden years, we're happy we found them. 

Our review is glowing but it's all true. 

My only complaint about the new Farmers Market recipes is the smaller bag. They went from 16 ounce bags to 14.1 ounces. Grrr.

*Digestion here is code for poop. I'm happy to report that Cleo has the healthiest looking poop in the neighborhood. 

All the Plato Pet Treats are made with zero artificial preservatives, GMO’s, artificial colors, by-products, or fillers. They are USA made.

Disclosure: Plato Pet Treats gave us twelve bags of their new Farmers Market recipe dog treats for Cleo as compensation for this post. 


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