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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Sunflower

Why adopt this week's sweet tiny dog we're sharing from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue? Well, what is the one flower that always makes you smile when you look at it? This answer is Sunflower, who also happens to be a gentle and mellow little Chihuahua blend who'll light up your life, while she melts into your lap.


This tiny ray of sunshine weighs about 5 pounds and is only 8 years young.

Sunflower has quickly stolen all of our hearts at Muttville. Who doesn’t love a little waif of a dog that is quiet and melts into your arms like warm cookie dough.

She loves everyone and would do best in a home that is not to crazy, but is a mellow environment.

Sunflower is good with gentle children too. She has that something that draws everyone in, and she would love to have a home to call her own.

Come fall in love with Sunflower at Muttville


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