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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Riggs

Living in San Francisco is the best. I'm surrounded by beautiful urban and wild landscapes, gorgeous architecture, and a diverse population of people and groups who care about those less fortunate than themselves, animal and human. Muttville is one group who cares giving older dogs a second chance at a forever home.

Helping promote Muttville Senior Dog Rescue's mission and share adoptable senior dogs with potential new families has been a small way for me to contribute, and increase the odds that sweet old dogs like Riggs, will get their second chance at a loving home. It's my compassionate response since learning about how many senior dogs were being overlooked at shelters, and since experiencing life with my own elderly dog.

I look forward to 2014 and helping more senior sweethearts find their new forever family. Now, meet our final weekly adoptable senior dog of 2013, Riggs [...]

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photo: j'adore le chien

When this very sensitive little boy showed up at an L.A. shelter, he was matted to the core and really scared. We saw his naked little body and his sad eyes, and we knew we had to make him smile again.

Now he’s at Muttville getting some good nutrition and lots of lap time! Adorable Riggs is so cute. He wants a family of his own to love. He needs some TLC, good food, and a window with rays of sun shining through for that extra vitamin D.

He is about 10 years old and weighs a whole 10 lbs. He is a slow walker and would be best in a quiet and calm home that loves gentle, sweet little dogs.


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