Jack the sheep who thinks he's a dog

Via YouTube A sheep rescued as a lamb and brought up with a springer spaniel is now convinced he is - a SHEEP DOG. Six-month-old Jack is so sure he is a canine he fetches sticks, wears a collar and a lead, jumps up on his hind legs - and even tries to BARK.

Astonishingly, Jack doesn't even recognise his own species and tries to HERD sheep when he is put in the field with the rest of the flock. Owners Alison Sinstadt, 48, and her partner Simon Sherwin, 50, were stunned when the Lleyn sheep was befriended by their nine-year-old springer spaniel Jessie.


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San Francisco SPCA-sponsored DOGMA Street Fair Sept 24

DOGMA Flyer2

Join the SF SPCA for a street party, San Francisco style

Saturday, September 24th

11am - 3pm on Octavia Street between Hayes and Fell

A San Francisco SPCA Event in Support of Pet Adoptions

Prizes include a special Advertorial on 7x7.com, $100 For any SF SPCA Services or adoption, 5 day ALL Day Play pass and $100 Spa Package at Wag Hotel, BBs Jet Set Pets Purrari Pet Throw, original Unround Hound Square from Novo Deco Jewelry, Happy Hounds Massage complimentary pet session, Chronicle Books pet books package, P.L.A.Y. Pet Bed, a Portrait Session from Nuena Photography and more!

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Local Dog Bakers Creations Celebrate American Craft Council Milestone

Pie or Cake? Biscuit or Cookie? How would you celebrate a milestone birthday? The American Craft Council celebrates their 70th birthday this weekend August 12-14, with the works of 230 artisans at Fort Mason Center. 

Joining in the birthday bash are Bay Area bakeries, including two that focus wholly on our canine companions.

Canine Confections and Barkn Belly Bakery were invited to design unique doggie treats and cakes inspired by the various artists’ handmade pieces of jewelry, pottery, glass, fiber art and multi-media masterpieces that will be on display at the show this weekend - we got a sneak peek and they didn't disappoint! The star shaped dog treats Sandra created give you an idea of the level of detail, she puts into her creations for Canine Confections. 

Sandra & Caesar Estrada bake their hearts out for dogs. Their recipes at Canine Confections reflect the incredible love, passion and gratitude they feel towards all dogs.They brought Chalupa and her younger "husband" Durango with them to our get together at Fort Mason Center. These two furry taste testers for Canine Confections were the cutest distractions, to me and the every worker that passed by setting up for the big show!

When I asked about their inspiration for their bakery business and their recipes, Sandra looked over at 12 year old Chalupa and said, "She deserves the best, anything we do is a drop in the bucket."

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Dog Ambassador is always on duty

Dogs we love. Today is Memorial Day and we went to visit the San Francisco Presidio and it's National Cemetery. Spend five minutes there and your heart will beat a patriotic rhythm. Taking our dog with us, we walked one of the paths down to Fort Point, then made our way to Crissy Field. Along the way we were stopped several times by people curious about Cleo, her breed, size, sex and demeanor. I think one nice lady will be visiting the SF/SPCA later this week, because of our chat.

It was wonderful to see tourists and families enjoying the beautiful scenery. Many had their dogs with them while they walked or barbecued. Cleo looked longingly at both the hot dogs and wiener dogs (doxies)!

Thank you to all the people we saw picking up their dog poop. That grass was wet so we can imagine it wasn't easy. Shoot, Cleo had so much fun we picked up after her three (count 'em 3) times. That last one I think I left a bit of a divot, trying to get it all.

"Grazie" to the lovely older Italian couple whose Golden Gate Bridge snapshot includes Cleo's big nose, and who said "buon giorno" to Cleo in reaction.

image from http://grouchypuppy.typepad.com/.a/6a01053649b34f970b01538ed4ed3f970b-pi

Thank you to my friends who went on the walk with us & thought to buy Cleo an all natural dog cookie in the Warming Hut, just because they looked good & because they love Cleo.

With summer officially here, we hope to see more of all of you online and in San Francisco. It is a great destination city and filled with dog lovers.


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5 Favorite Summer Travel Tips for People and Pets

Do you travel with your pet? Even in a big city, we see creative ways people like to travel with their dog. Besides the expected service dogs on the MUNI bus or BART train, we are seeing more people around town accompanied by their pooch, like this little guy riding in a bicycle basket.

Pooch in a Bicycle Basket
With Memorial Day brings the official launch of summer vacations and long weekends away. Traveling with family members takes a little planning to make sure everyone has a good time. If you take your four-legged best friend with you, be sure and consider these five tips:

  • Bring a water bowl that your dog is familiar with, besides extra water.
  • Pack a blanket that smells like your home and dog, it adds comfort emotionally and physically.
  • Call ahead to any place you plan to stay for their current pet policy: ask about a weight limit, extra fee and any restrictions.
  • Just like with people, plan pit stops for potty breaks along your route.
  • Bring healthy snacks for both human and dog: carrot sticks, apple slices and green beans can be a nice addition to cookies.

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How do you save off-leash dog walking areas?

Peaceful protesting and a colorful, happy dog poop bag lady. Those certainly must be keys to saving off-leash dog walking areas in San Francisco!

This is what I love about the Bay Area. Even in the middle of a protest, people are awfully polite and considerate of the environment. No mêlée. No anarchy. Only once did I see a brief tiny scuffle, between tiny dogs.

May 21st was the Mighty Mutt March from Ocean Beach to Stern Grove and with the big turn out of people and dogs, it was great to see everything was thought of, including poop bags.

Sweet Dog Poop Bag Lady in Red

Besides this nice woman prepared to help out with an unexpected poop break along the route, we had a friendly police escort.

San Francisco Police

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Destination San Francisco: FIDO Friendly are we!

Dogs are amazing creatures. They are resilient and when given even a drop of affection, will allow you to take them places. Our friend Carol Bryant, amazing writer and dog lover of the highest order, knows all too well about traveling with a dog. She criss crosses the country for FIDO Friendly magazine with Dexter, her beloved and quite handsome (trust me we've met at Blog Paws in Denver!) Cocker Spaniel.

Driving Golden Gate Bridge In the May/June 2011 Issue of FIDO Friendly Magazine, Carol writes a piece on traveling with your dog, at any age, any stage. Just in time for summer vacations and even staycations, this article [see page 66-67] has tips, great travel gear suggestions and [what a surprise!] even includes a contribution by yours truly about traveling with a senior dog. We're thrilled!

What Carol shares is valuable for every traveler wherever they live: from the unique concerns if you want to travel a puppy to remembering that older dogs can’t hold their bladder or bowels as long as they used to, so watch for the telltale signs of "I gotta pee!" Cleo has a very specific sort of look on her face and type of pant. Incredible valuable knowledge for everyone, and something that is getting more attention in the news, is learning canine CPR. Besides carrying a list of important phone numbers and medical records, having this skill in your bag of tricks, could mean everything in a moment's notice, on the road or not.  I'm planning to look into getting certified myself this summer.

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Dogs in Brazil: Pluto the Ugly Puppy

April is Prevention to Cruelty to Animals Month. This seemed the ideal time to reflect on the subject with this first person essay about the Dogs in Brazil from our guest author, Janice Cabral. Her story below shares with us how her compassion for animals, trumps her desire for a leisurely new life in warm South America. She demonstrates clearly how to give fearlessly. I hope you will be inspired by her story and sweet Pluto, the ugly puppy.

In November of 2001 my husband and I left London, England to live in Brazil. We spent many cold and rainy English days imagining our new life lazing by the pool sipping ice cold Caipirinhas [Brazil's national cocktail] in the sun. Of course, nothing ever turns out the way we plan it. We are still here today. We have seventeen abandoned dogs, no swimming pool and we are financially crippled. Life is still very satisfying though and perhaps this desired vision of life was always a bit superficial to say the least.

We started off by adopting a German Shepherd that some friends of ours found wandering amid the traffic in Copacabana. We called him 'Harry'. He arrived very thin, almost bald with mange and too weak to lift his leg to pee. We soon got him better. Then we decided he needed a female friend, along came 'Misty', a traumatized street puppy who still suffers from all sorts of problems until today. Three veterinarians advised me to euthanize her because she could become dangerous. I obstinately refused and she has never bitten us.

We intended to close our little family there. Mom, Dad and two ‘children’ seemed perfect. There was one problem though; we had eyes. I often wish there were blinkers for humans because when I see a hopeless dying animal it is impossible for me to turn my back. I have even brought animals home to die with dignity. Knowing I could not save them. I have also euthanized dogs I have found in the streets suffering to the limit. One was a poisoned dog that convulsed all the way to the vet clinic and bit his tongue off in the back of my car. There was absolutely no hope. You never forget each case, and each face, and all the different ways they suffer.

"Ugly" puppy Pluto 'Pluto' was one little Puppy that I brought home to die. I was returning from the vet clinic with a brown Labrador, she is still here with us, when I saw what looked like a dead rat as I drove across a speed hump. The body was limp and its head was quite near the traffic flow. I had just collected 'Cassie' the brown Labrador from her surgery for dysplasia. I stopped the car mostly out of curiosity never imagining this could be a dog. To my horror it was a tiny dog and he was not able to move or walk. He moved his little eyes, so I picked him up. He was covered in slime as though he had fallen into a sewer and he smelt the same way. He was limp but alive.

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San Francisco Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs at Wag Hotel Rooftop!

Dress up in your favorite Easter attire! 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt to benefit a local non-profit.

  • Sunday April 17
  • 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM
  • Wag Hotels Rooftop - 25 - 14th Street, San Francisco
  • $10 suggested donation per family
  • RSVP 415-876-0700 or email info@waghotels.com ASAP - Space is limited

Exciting doggy prizes to be raffled! Finger foods and photo ops with the Easter Bunny! 


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Dogs for Sale: DOGS are for Christmas Not Just for LIFE

I found some adorable dogs for sale. Handsome dogs of all shapes and sizes. These dogs cannot be adopted or rescued. These special dogs can be found in an art gallery rather than on Craig's List. They are perfect dogs to buy any time of year but especially during the holidays.

These dogs won't make it on the new Animal Planet's new television show Bad Dog. These are the types of dogs who won't be in trouble for having bits of paper and unwanted scraps on them. These mixed media dogs and other beasts for sale are made from British artist, Peter Clark.

Like the talent of artist BZTAT, I am always impressed by the creative process of others, especially those in the visual arts. Peter Clark takes found items and with his unique imagination, turns them into clever portraits. 

Read all about the man behind these amazing creatures, and until December 19 if you are in London, see his work at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.


Bulldog Collage Peter Clark

"A long time collector of ‘things' Peter trawls the markets with his wife textile designer Karen Nicol and collects old stamps, faded maps, love letters, labels, buttons, dress making patterns, playing cards, textiles cotton webbing that binds books and paper boxes for the basis of his work."


German Shepherd Collage Peter Clark

"Clark's approach to paper collage is three dimensional. Peter first draws the outline in felt tip and then spends hours choosing from his collection of found ‘things' the right materials and colours to define the muscles, features and tonal effects which finally bring to life the finished work. He rolls and sculpts specific areas creating texture at crucial points in the work and never far behind is Clark's humor."
Peter Clark Dogs

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