San Francisco loves murals featuring dogs!

From quiet parklets, to beautiful landscaped hillsides, whether you have a dog and you're out on a walk, or you're daydreaming about one, you'll come across wonderful murals like this one.

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If my dog spoke she would never say this, would yours?

This holiday season has been rough because the loss of my sweet old dog is still fresh. We have delayed putting up any decorations that remind us of her, and we skipped putting up stockings all together because I can't bear to see hers.

Given that my dog didn't need me now, I decided to fly to Arizona to visit my mother. She's up there in age and with our shared background loving dogs, I knew she'd know what to say to help me manage my grief.

Have you ever had one of those times when you are just so surprised by your reaction to something? Where you are caught off guard by the passionate response you have to a random commercial, or highway billboard or maybe a magazine ad.

I had one of those experiences as I paged through the SkyMall catalog while on the plane south. SkyMall was filled with every gadget no one really needs. As I flipped the pages, my eyes landed first on a $24 "Pet Tiding Stone" that memorializes your pet using a rock and not your pet's ID tag or collar. Then scanning to the right, I see this...

Screenshot 2014-12-12 14.51.10...and I almost lose my sh*t in broad daylight.

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Zen and the Art of the Dog Walk

It's been National Walk Your Dog Week. We love capturing pics of people and their pups out on morning walks in our neighborhood. This sweet moment in the photo here made us smile because they were very in tune with each other compared to some folks we see.

A dog walk is not just about taking your dog out to poop. It's a wonderful time to bond with your little buddy. I would chat with my dog while we walked about the block, often stopping to visit with neighbors out on their stoop. We got to know many kids this way also. Cleo loved exploring and picking up the news and peemail from every corner or tree.

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New line of comfy stylish outdoor pet beds from SF-based P.L.A.Y. launches

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You) has a new Outdoor Bed Collection giving pet owners stylish comfort for their four-legged friends, while introducing an extra pop of color to their outdoor living areas including decks, gardens, gazebos or poolsides.

Outdoor Bed Fabrics_Feature Photo

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Have dogs? 5 Winter Weather Tips

In San Francisco it's unseasonably warm this winter. This photo was taken on a dog walk two days ago.

image from

Unfortunately there are many parts of the country covered in a deep freeze. We want to help keep your furry buddy safe.

If you're dealing with colder temps or any of that snowy polar vortex, we've pulled five good reminders for you:

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SF SPCA Holiday Windows Return to Macy's Union Square

One of the best (and sometimes worst) things about social media is that it's about sharing. Remember how much #SFBatKid was shared recently? Definitely that was social media sharing at its finest. Now this week, it's time to share the best holiday window displays we have in downtown San Francisco. It's a tradition I've loved since it began with standing in line outside of Gump's.

It's time for the Annual San Francisco SPCA Holiday Windows at Macy's Union Square!

image from
Photo credit: Nora Stratton

Last year nearly 300 dogs and cats found homes through this event, and more than $80,000 was raised to support the SF SPCA's lifesaving programs. The SF SPCA Holiday Windows at Macy's is just one of the many ways the SF/SPCA is trying to end animal abandonment in San Francisco by 2020. Over the past nine years, the Holiday Windows have helped the SF SPCA find homes for over 2300 animals [...]

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Do You Have a Pet First Aid Kit?

Did you know that some common household items found in our medicine chest and first aid kits work well for both human and pet? On the flip-side, besides certain foods there are common medications that are actually dangerous for your pet. It's important to know the difference, especially in the event of an emergency when your emotions are running high and your home might be in disarray if you've been through a natural disaster. 

What goes into a pet first aid kit?

If you have pets, having a first aid kit just for them is a great idea. You won't have to worry in the moment that you are using something inappropriate or even dangerous. Nowadays you can buy pet first aid kits but it's highly likely you'll still need to customize it to fit your particular needs. If you are like us, I think you can create your own without spending more money than you need.

Start with basics like these common household items LIFE+DOG shares on their website. In addition, you should have an eye dropper, gauze, self-adhering tape, non-stick bandages, and tweezers. You'll want to have an extra leash and collar. Include copies of your pet's vaccination history and veterinarian information in a sealed plastic bag protection from the elements. What did we miss? Check out this great resource from and this valuable information about emergency preparedness for pets from PetSmart Charities.



Safe Household Medications (via

From The Magazine | L+D Health (c) LIFE+DOG Five safe household human medications for dogs We treat our dogs as members of family. We prepare their meals alongside ours, and we incorporate their exercise into our own routine. It makes sense that…


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Antique dog collars and a cool summer travel idea!

Summer usually means vacation. For dog lovers, sometimes it also means combining your excursion and possible museum visits with your love of all things canine.

Years ago on a solo driving tour around England, after stopping to see Stonehenge I sped over to Kent. I wanted to visit the beautiful and historic Leeds Castle. Besides having the coolest moat and beautiful swans, this fairytale setting and stunning landmark is known for being..

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Welcome to San Francisco

San Francisco (via

From The Magazine | Sharon Castellanos Photo by Kira Stackhouse (page 1 of 2)   There are hidden treasures all over San Francisco that suggest why we have more dogs than children within the city limits, and why Tony Bennett left his heart here. One of my favorite outings with my dog is walking through…

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Reality Bites: A Day at the Dog Park


As someone who has lived in San Francisco for years, I know there are all types at dog parks. Just walking down a street, you can encounter all sorts of folks who fit various images that you'd expect to live here with a dog. However, we know silly, and we know exaggeration...the show Portlandia employs both.

Do you watch Portlandia? Is this scene a parody or reality? If you know, or just have an opinion tell us in the comments! 

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What makes your city dog friendly?

What makes your city dog friendly? What do you need to make you want to live there with your dog, rather than just visit? Is there a difference in friendliness?

My neighborhood of San Francisco is very dog friendly. We have parks where dogs and children share space, and parks specifically for dogs or children. Across town certain neighborhoods roll out the welcome mat for people with dogs, by putting water bowls outside their business or keeping treats at the cash register. Some shops don't mind if you walk into their store with your pup and will have a sign in the window saying "Dogs Welcome."

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Dogs Use Moscow Subway, English Cat Takes Bus

"In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." ~ Charles Darwin 


The three videos culminate with an influential insight about animal intelligence and consciousness  from the late ethologist Donald Griffin. Griffin led scientists to admit that far from being the dumb creatures many thought in the 19th century, incapable even of pain, animals, even very simple ones, may have developed “consciousness” in some form or other from the start because it is simply the easiest — most efficient — way for evolution, in the form of Darwinian natural selection, to advance. some stray dogs who have mastered the Moscow subway system — as well as Eugene Linden,  and that English cat riding the bus. 

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Best Friends Forever: Sharing Toys Sharing Good Fortune

Recently I had the chance to visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. Only after my visit is over and I am home again, do I fully appreciate why people feel compelled to return, and how their experiences at the sanctuary stay with them.


Out of gratitude for the joy I've had with my dog, Cleo, I wanted to share something with the animals while I was at the sanctuary. We didn't have time to volunteer with the animals, or even have one stay over in our cottage, but I wanted to do something meaningful somehow.

Fortunately during the pet blogging conference, BlogPaws, I was given some toys from Hartz Pets. Due to packing constraints, and a birthday girl deciding she had to have one of the Angry Birds toys, I did manage to bring four small toys to the sanctuary. 

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