This corgi puppy tackling stairs is everything

This little dog is trying so hard to manage these stairs. I feel his frustration. Anyone who has tried to work through their pain or anxiety when trying something new, and difficult, knows what this corgi is going through. You can tell he's trying to talk himself into one more step.

Next time I climb one of the many San Francisco hills and stairways, I plan to channel this little corgi. What a little motivator...


Who's with me? 

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City dog walks, who's happier?

Taking your dog for a walk is something everyone needs to do daily. The exercise benefits both ends of the leash. However, the next time you are out with your dog consider the stranger passing you on the street. If it's me, you should know that your dog may have just made my morning...

image from


As much as I appreciate the blue bird of happiness, having this sweet puppy cross my path made my day. How about you? Do you get a shot of joy from a stranger's dog?


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The benefits of loving a small dog

Judging by this image, Charlie Brown knows what a dog wants, even if he doesn't know why Lucy keeps pulling the football away from his foot. And Snoopy, for his part, might be Joe Cool at the school water fountain, wearing sunglasses and being aloof, but here he's just a little beagle happily going along for a ride in Chuck's hoodie. 

Reminds me how impossibly large our dog Cleo was. Her head could have fit in the hoodie, at best.

snoopy with charlie brown

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How many dogs of Instagram are there?

I used to think I was crazy because I loved taking pictures of my dog. Years before Instagram I used my pocket Sony digital camera to grab shots of my dog's antics or sweet moments snoozing on the floor. After getting an iPhone, I jumped early into using the cool filters and frames of Instagram.

Seeing moments like the one I captured in this photo a couple months ago, I realize that not only am I not crazy but I'm quite normal, at least in San Francisco.


A photo posted by Sharon Castellanos (@city_girls) on Feb 5, 2015 at 11:54am PST

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Why we love dachshunds

There is nothing cuter than a low-riding, confident dog strolling on a Saturday morning down to the neighborhood farmers market. Watching a dachshund trot down the street with their long hair flowing in the breeze is like a supermodel with a fan on a photoshoot. Their doxie confidence is contagious!

image from

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Too cute! Golden Retriever tries to play with computer pal

Dog lovers can be tricksters, even to Goldens, who are dogs everyone adores! After watching this video, I hope the owner of the computer has damage insurance, because if I was that dog, I'd be pounding my big meat paws all over the keyboard in frustration.


I feel for you Josie, this is not what a dog trainer would call setting you up for success. Besides, Goldens can open cupboards, refrigerators, get money out of an ATM and more. Golden Retrievers are clever and super friendly, so why you can't get that computer dog to give you the toy to play with too must be very frustrating.

If you need to take a swipe girl...

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Why do we love old dogs? Have you seen Kiki yet?

There are many sweet senior dogs who are blind like Kiki who show us that you don't need eyes to live.


Well, that's one way to sleep in a bed. #shibainu #noeyesnoproblem

A photo posted by Lisa (@dogoverload) on Feb 6, 2015 at 8:59am PST

My own dog lost her vision but navigated very well for years. Being surrounded by people who loved her kept her sassy personality front and center. I think she even slept like Kiki at times.

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Funny dog names that could be real

We've found funny dog names that could be real. Celebrities aren't the only ones to use unorthodox names like Moon Unit Zappa, or Pilot Inspektor. 

grouchy puppy funny



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Batman pajama-clad greyhound in snow is one of our favorite videos of 2014

This month, one of our favorite posts on the Grouchy Puppy Facebook wall had to be Mosley the greyhound having the best time playing in the snow, while wearing his Batman pajamas. Yep, Batman pjs.

It got such a response from viewers that Mosley's guardians commented, writing:

"Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman! - Mosley & family."

Sounds like good advice for man and dog in my book.

Watch Mosley the greyhound race the moon for yourself then let us know in the comments if you've ever seen a happier dog, in the snow or wearing pajamas.


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