Is a dog like having an anchor?

Something that struck me recently was just how few stories talked about during the news or written online — that are calm and measured. The chaos described is distressing whether it is related to our government or recent hurricane. Since it was my day to volunteer with the oldsters at Muttville, I decided to look to them for answers and solace. I wasn’t disappointed.


Trying to get a skittish dog to relax and trust your intentions is a good exercise. I spoke quietly and moved slowly until sweet Twister understood me. By the time she recognized my welcoming body language, I had stopped thinking about the world outside.


Confident dogs like Arthur are amazing to behold. He truly goes after you with the knowledge that he knows how soft and loving his moves are. I got more immediate sweet kisses from him after I arrived than any dog. We just met but he offered love by the spoonful if you returned his snuggles with lots of attention.

Then there is the dog with the faraway eyes. With the silly Mohawk, Emilia drew your attention, but it was her distant yet expectant look that had you walking over. She wanted your affection even if she didn’t run up to ask for it.


All of these dogs have one thing in common. They provided me with an anchor to what matters. Thanks to a dog, I was reminded that I could be moored to a warm beating heart whose purpose was only to offer love. They only cared about the flow or oxytocin current we were sharing.

More than ever, I am grateful to ability of a dog to provide me with a positive anchor in this turbulent sea. It’s Adopt A Shelter Dog Month and I encourage everyone who is feeling adrift to consider having a dog in their life. You might be surprised by the wonderful feelings they bring when you are tethered to their furry little hearts.

Learn more about these three cutie pies at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with hospice dog Stutter

Stutter is the teeniest ball of love! When I met him last week at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, as soon as he felt my affectionate cuddle he followed me around the doggy loft, sweetly leaning against my leg whenever I stopped moving.

He slipped a little on the linoleum so I found a soft fluffy beg with bolsters for him. Look how happy it made him! What a sweetheart. He napped while I mopped the floors around him and even enjoyed it when I carried him (in his little bed) over a sunny spot by a window. What an adorable cuddle bug!


Cold rainy days are coming and Stutter is here to warm your lap and heart! This sweet boy would love nothing more than to find a friend to cozy up with. Stutter has excellent snuggling skills and he is so happy to just curl right up against you and happily snooze away.

He’s got a bit of trouble walking, but he doesn’t let that get in the way at all! This little trooper still enjoys exploring and sniffing around. Stutter has the cutest face- don’t you think he looks like a mix between a pom and a red panda? When he’s being petted he loves to turn up on the charm and rub his face against your hand, showing off his adorable snaggle tooth. Stutter is very sweet boy for a special human who can give him lots of TLC.

Stutter is estimated to be 15 years young and weighs about 8 pounds.

Stutter is currently in the Muttville Hospice Program and needs a caring home to make sure he gets all the love he can! Learn more here:

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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is quirky, cute and a happy guy. This silly poodle is on the go and quite the active senior with lots of pep in his step! He is always trotting around at Muttville with a smile on his face and tail constantly wagging. He is the pure definition of charmer.


Andy Warhol would be a great muse for any artist! We can’t wait to see him all spiffed up once he gets canvas ready with a new haircut…stay tuned! Andy Warhol is estimated to be 15 years old and weighs 13 lbs.

Here’s what Andy Warhol’s foster has to say about him:

Andy Warhol is a super sweet little cuddle bug! He is happiest when he is being held or pet, but also loves to curl up in a little ball for his naps. He loves his people & wants to be close to them as much as possible. Andy is a super energetic & fun senior! He will run up to you, jump up excitedly onto the couch or your lap before settling in for a long nap. He sleeps great through the night. Andy has had the occasional accident in his foster home, but also was easy to train on using the doggie door. We are just working on consistent use & he is making good progress! He also loves his walks.

Fall in love with him at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on Rescue Row in San Francisco — ‪Andy Warhol 5893 ‬

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Macaroni ♥️

Say hello to Macaroni, a new addition to the Muttville family!


Macaroni was found in the streets of Oakland but we’re happy to report that she’s adjusting well to her new spot at Muttville Headquarters.

She is such a sweet girl who loves walks and tasty treats. She gets along with other dogs but really just wants to relax and enjoy her golden years.

She is calm and gentle and would be a lovely new addition to any mutt-loving family. Macaroni’s puppy ears and soulful eyes will melt your heart so fill out an application to meet her today!

Macaroni is 13 years old and weighs 19 pounds.

Find her at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco on Rescue Row!

Macaroni 5742 >> 


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Saturday, August 18 🐶♥️ Clear The Shelters Adopt-A-Thon Returns!

The time is here for one of our favorite animal adoption events! On Saturday, August 18, 2018 animal shelters across the country will offer free pet adoptions for qualified adopters thanks to the support of NBC and Telemundo owned stations. Our own San Francisco SPCA will be participating again, so be sure to visit their adoption pages now and mark your calendar.

If you’ve been wanting to add a furry family member this is your chance to help clear your local animal shelter and have your adoption fees waived, all thanks to the financial support of NBC and Telemundo!


"Every single pet that is adopted frees shelter staff up to work with and prepare the next pet for potential adoption," said Kenny Lamberti, director of strategic engagement and companion animals for the Humane Society.



Last year, more than 80,000 pets were adopted from over 900 shelters across the country. Since 2015, Clear the Shelters has helped 153,651 pets find forever homes.


Go to ClearTheShelters website to learn more, find the nearest participating animal shelter, plus read about what to expect before and after adopting an animal companion. It’s important to be prepared and to have realistic expectations before you bring a dog or cat home. No one wants the stress or upset because they have to return an animal.



About Clear the Shelters

NBC and Telemundo owned stations are teaming up with hundreds of shelters across the country to host Clear the Shelters, a nationwide pet adoption drive on Saturday, August 18 to help find loving homes for animals in need. More than 150,000 pets found their forever homes since 2015.


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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Alfred

Since volunteering at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue for two years now, I’ve met many miniature poodle boys. Besides being typical boys, they all have shared that wonderful sweet spirit of loving independence mixed with the need to snuggle. Alfred is no different.


Alfred is a sweet and easy-going dog. He is very social and gets along with people, pups, and even cats! This little guy loves going for walks and adores tennis balls. Alfred just wants to find a special someone that he can shower with affection. Submit an application for Alfred today!

We think Alfred is around 11 years young and weighs about 19 pounds.

Learn more about this adoptable sweetheart:


Check out what Alfred’s foster has to say about him:

Alfred is incredibly loving & sweet. He loves snuggling & giving kisses & is the perfect lap dog. His energy is pretty low & he would rather be carried than walk. He spends most of the day resting. He does love a good squeak toy though. He enjoys snuggling with our other dogs but doesn’t pay them much attention otherwise. Alfred is 100% house trained. He waits until you carry him outside & then goes right away. He hasn’t had a single accident while with us. Alfred loves sleeping next to his humans. He loooves to eat & is always happy to snack on green beans. He is adorable with a squeak toy & has slowly been claiming all of our 65 lb dog’s toys as his own. His favorite places to nap in order would be 1) Human bed 2) Couch 3) dog bed. He is perfect!

Watch Alfred at Muttville and then playing with a toy in his new foster home!


Alfred is poodle perfection: This gentle, lovely fellow has made a poodle lover out of me! Alfred isn’t just an adorable face and soft coat, he’s highly skilled: he has an advanced degree in lap dog studies, with a minor in cuddling and giving kisses.

Alfred’s sight is impaired by cataracts, but that doesn’t stop him from playing with squeaky toys (his faves, along with tennis balls) and finding his favorite snuggle buddies (human or canine). Once he senses you’re in the room he’ll head your way or give a soft bark to let you know he’s there and ready for pets.

Alfred is diabetic, but is the easiest diabetic dog I’ve cared for. He’ll happily eat anything, even prescription food and, as his fosters report, green beans as snacks, and receives his insulin shots with no fuss. Plus, his foster parents report he’s housetrained.

Alfred is currently in a foster home and while I’m happy for him, I definitely miss seeing him at Muttville HQ. I can’t wait for him to find his forever home!

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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Decker!!

If you looked up the definition of “man’s best friend” in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Decker! Okay, maybe you would see this photo I took of him at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue napping on a Santa blanket, in July. Why? Because every single day with this sweet beagle is a holiday!


Decker is one of the friendliest dogs we have ever seen at Muttville. As soon as he enters a room, he starts sniffing around for new friends. This guy isn’t just charismatic though – he’s also very intelligent.

He knows his basic commands and listens well. He’s treat motivated, and ready to learn whatever tricks you’d love to teach him! When you’re not making friends or practicing tricks, this guy would absolutely love some walks or high-energy games of fetch.

When he’s tired out, he’ll be ready to take a snooze in your lap – even if it’s a little too big for it sometimes!

If you’ve been looking for a dog that’s the life of the party, you can stop looking – Decker’s ready to meet you!

Decker is estimated to be 8 years old and weighs 18 pounds.

Fall in love with him today!

Learn more —

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Discover why senior dogs when you fall in love with Mouse!!!

SQUEE or should we say squeak!! If you give a Mouse a cookie… she’ll be your friend forever!

If we’re going to be honest, little Mouse the sweetest lil’ chihuahua doesn’t even need a cookie – she loves making new friends!


Though she’s a bit quiet and reserved, it doesn’t stop her from approaching new people with a little tail wag and butt wiggle. And have you seen those ears? Aren’t they the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!

This adorable girl would love to come home with you and lounge around on the couch while catching up on the latest HGTV shows. When you’re ready for some exercise, she’d love to tag along on some gentle walks around the neighborhood.

Don’t miss out on bringing this cutie home with you – fill out an application today!

Mouse is estimated to be 10 years young and weighs 8 pounds.

Fall in love with her at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco!

Learn more —>

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Brady!!!

These days it’s so nice when a smile or a laugh comes easily to your face and belly. For me, dogs offer this delightful sensation without even trying. Some of the dogs at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue can get me laughing in minutes with their funny antics. Enter Brady — cocker spaniel, heartbreaker, clown, and locksmith all rolled into one!

He had me laughing with his wiggle, swooning with his swagger, and chasing him when he figured out how to jimmy the lock on the gate so he could escape into the hallway in search of the source of laughter among the volunteers.

And those curls...


Brady will make you fall in love instantly!

This adorable boy came to Muttville after his owner could no longer care for him due to medical issues. Though he’s been through a lot of changes lately, he’s taking it all in stride and ready to find his new family.

This good boy knows his manners, and walks well on a leash. In his previous home, he lived with both dogs and cats, meaning he’ll fit well into pretty much any family! Sound like the perfect dog for you?

Fill out an application today! Visit:

Brady is 13 years old and weighs 28 pounds.

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Homefry!!

If you need a laugh, and you love dogs, head to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco! I met the funniest low rider boy, aptly named Homefry, looking for a family to call his own. He had me in stitches from the minute I arrived until I finally forced myself out the door. 

He’s the perfect combination of corgi and dachshund in both coloring and personality! He plays in very silly ways, he loves other dogs and yet when I settled down on the couch next to him, he snuggled up quietly. 


Homefry is looking for his new best friend!

Homefry comes to Muttville from the Tracy Animal Shelter. Despite all the changes, he is sweet gentle and friendly.

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Carmelita!

Carmelita is an absolute sweetheart! She has one of those faces that won’t stop smiling, and a butt that refuses to stop wiggling!


Carmelita loves everyone she meets. Though she’s been through a lot of changes lately, that hasn’t dampened her enthusiasm for life one bit.

She’d love someone to hang out with and play with. Is she the one you’re looking for? Fill out an application today!

Carmelita is 8 years old and weighs 25 pounds.

Fall in love with her at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on Rescue Row in San Francisco!

Go to —

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June 2-3rd Summer Lovin’ is Yours — for FREE at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue


It’s Muttville’s summer Adopt-a-thon party!


Summer lovin’ is yours – for free! The weekend of June 2 and 3 is our summer adopt-a-thon, when the adoption fee is waived for qualified adopters.

Come meet all the mutts and find someone for some beach blanket fun.

What: Summer Adopt-a-thon!

When: Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3, 11am-4pm

Where: Muttville, 255 Alabama Street (corner of 16th Street), San Francisco


*Not an actual pool, of course. Many of our mutts prefer lounging to actual swimming. In fact, “doing laps” has a completely different meaning at Muttville.

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Celebrate Bay to BARKers weekend at the SF SPCA, May 18 – 20

Jog or race your way across town for this fun adoption weekend! Celebrate Bay to Breakers weekend at the San Francisco SPCA’s Bay to BARKers event, May 18 – 20!

This year is the SF SPCA’s 150th anniversary, so connecting the springtime cocktail party and adoptathon theme with Bay to Breakers, a beloved San Francisco tradition, was a natural fit. Adult animals (6+ months) will be FREE to adopt Saturday and Sunday, May 19 – 20, at SF SPCA locations in the Mission and Pacific Heights.

“This year is milestone anniversary for the SF SPCA, and we’re inviting everyone to get involved,” said Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, SF SPCA President. “We want to celebrate the San Francisco community and everything that we’ve been able to accomplish together in the last 150 years. Bay to BARKers is an opportunity for San Franciscans to come together, enjoy a weekend of festivities, and help homeless animals get a second chance!”


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Discover why senior dogs rule when you call in love with Cappy!

There is something so cuddly about American Eskimo dogs. Maybe they remind me of my childhood Samoyed? I was drawn to this handsome quiet guy who loves to sidle over for little snuggles.

When we visited together over a couple weeks, Cappy was always gentle and incredibly patient with his fellow Muttville roomies. He is such a zen master that he can fall asleep sitting up, with the busy city streets outside his window.

In his last home Cappy received lots of lap time and a few too many meals. He would love to go to a home that can help him shed some of his extra weight just in time for summer!


This sweet boy loves to get brushed, and will fall asleep to the smooth soft rhythm. It not only feels good for him and is good for his coat, but my own blood pressure dropped. I brushed him with a small rake for two minutes when this happened...


He’s fantastic on leash and always ready for a stroll in the sunshine. We think Cappy will make a great addition to any mellow home.

Cappy is around 13 years young, currently weighing around 20 lbs.

Fall in love with him at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco!   Learn more:

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Ela!

Ela is just the sweetest sugar face and older dog you’ll ever meet. She’s the prettiest blend of chihuahua and terrier. This little lover girl would be the perfect roommate and walking companion. She loves long conversations and listening to music.

Look at her cute little expression here...what a adorable snuggle bug, and secret keeper.


How cute is this little senior? Ela originally comes to us from the San Francisco county animal shelter.

Sadly, her owners had to surrender her due to issues with their landlord. Despite losing her home, Ela is adjusting very well and has already made herself comfortable here at Muttville.


She enjoys hanging out with the other dogs, meeting new people, and going for walks. She’s a quiet and gentle girl who will fit right in to your family!

Ela is 8 years young and weighs 15 pounds.

Meet her at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco and you’ll understand why senior dogs rule!

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