Dog faces can inspire as much as intimidate

The faces a dog makes, or their displays of expression can intimidate some people, while cause others to smile and melt with warmth. Maybe fond memories are triggered, or they simply just read into the expression differently. It all depends on who is on the receiving end of the expression, don't you think?

Now this face makes me smile every time. Cleo looks grouchy when I think she just had something stuck in her gums or she had cotton mouth. But if you didn't know her, and saw her do in this person, with 85 pound of girth backing it up, you might think this was a scowl.

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Our dog Cleo and one of her many faces

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How my dog got even cuter after losing her vision

My dog Cleo has always been clumsy. She is a big girl who never hid her excitement. Her joy could be demonstrated by leaning hard into your legs or racing toward a toy to squeak it. It wasn't that many years ago when her joy at your arrival home would be expressed by her suddenly tearing off down the hall to our bedroom, then knocking our mattress half off its frame, before racing back down the hall to land against the couch, that proceeded to be slammed against the window as it received her 85 lbs like a catcher's mitt.

Her doggy joy at my homecoming is a highlight of my day. Sure back then I was afraid she'd break our couch or worse, go hurtling over it and out the window. But it is just so cute that she couldn't hide how happy she was that I had walked in the front door. 

"Express Yourself" Cleo squeaks her song of love

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Celebrate National (Grouchy) Puppy Day

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Some of our local rescues 

Today is about sharing all these amazing groups who try to save abandoned puppies, educate people about how bad puppy mills are and work hard to get pet stores to stop selling pets.

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52 Weeks of Cleo Project: Week 8


It's week eight of celebrating fabulous senior dogs! In case you missed it we decided 2013 would be a great year to offer you a cute photo of me every week. Enjoy and sign up for our mailing list if you want to get goodies delivered to your inbox, and follow GrouchyPuppy on Instagram!

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Know the signs: Diabetic Shock in Dogs

We have a dog with diabetes. She was diagnosed over a year ago. I imagine compared to many, our experience has been relatively easy. We identified the symptoms fairly quickly. Our vet was fast with test results. Her insulin dosage was pretty seamless to adjust. The internet, friends and colleagues are a wealth of resources and encouragement. I definitely felt that we responded to this significant medical change in Cleo more quickly and effectively than our experience with her allergies.

However, for every one person who knows about diabetes in dogs, there are many who do not. They usually say, "Dogs can get diabetes? I had no idea!" That moment can stop you short. It makes me think of the dogs who are discarded at shelters, or whose life is cut short because their person had this reaction.

When your dog is a member of the family, and you fuss over their care the way many Americans do, it is hard to step back sometimes and remember that you are not infallible. Your dog clearly loves you, responding to all the thoughtful care-giving and attention you provide. But unless you are a vet, or vet tech, your training is from the point of view of a concerned and loving guardian. Like most of us.


Caring for a diabetic senior dog

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