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Lean on Me…

This week at the doggy loft, I got the chance to spend some quality time with Dusty, a large, warm, heavy, comforting blanket of a dog. He is the type of dog who will gladly get as tight against you as possible. And he will stay there despite more distractions than most dogs could resist.

I love dogs whose presence is undeniable but quiet. The sound of their breathing is meditative.

Do you ever have a dream where you can feel a dog is next to you, your hands are clasping their body or head. I have. When I wake up, I will usually have a small pillow or wad of blankets tucked against me in a way that my dreams interpreted into a dog. Rather than being sad that it wasn't a live dog in my arms, I'm encouraged that my dreams can feel this real.

Image from grouchypuppy.com

Dusty is a confident giver of close snuggles. I appreciate dogs like him. Sometimes I meet a new dog in the loft who wants to give or get a tight cuddle, but they are not quite ready. With those dogs, I give them as clear and bright a green light as I can to make sure they understand it will be alright. I try hard to let them know that they can lean into me and I won't hurt them.

I am the lucky one when they also let me lean back.

The most important thing I can do with all of the new dogs I meet at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue is the remind them that they are in a place where they are loved unconditionally. They are free to snuggle and lean all they want or not. That is one of the reasons I think they enjoy the open space of the doggy loft. It is a space of comfort and freedom to remember that they are loved dogs.

Image from grouchypuppy.com

Do you have a favorite dream with a dog in it? How do snuggles with dogs make you feel? Share your stories in the comments.

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