Why older dogs? Imagine the experience of reminding them they’re loved 💞
Rediscover the meaning of Thanksgiving with an older dog

Did you know senior dogs have a lifetime of ❤️ love to give?

When you get caught up worrying about the future, there is a dog for that. Consider adopting a senior dog. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by how much an older dog can get you to forget about the future and focus on the present.


Older dogs are often skilled at embracing the best of each day. They have a roadmap for navigating the noise of life that I appreciate very much. More than ever.

If you could use a little furry yogi. If you need a distraction from the constant news streaming in front of your eyes, and in your ears. Consider adding a senior dog to your life.

Adopt from, or volunteer at your local animal shelter or rescue. There will be an older dog ready to show you the many reasons why senior dogs really do rule.

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