Do you know the face a dog makes when love overtakes worry?
Why older dogs? Imagine the experience of reminding them they’re loved 💞

Wow 😳 It’s been ten years since an adopted dog inspired the launch of Grouchy Puppy

A walk in nature, an art exhibit, the autobiography of an inventive person? Where do you draw inspiration? Have you ever been inspired by a dog?


Ten years ago, a big, older dog, who found her way from the country and into our hearts, inspired the creation of Grouchy Puppy. To many, this may not come as a surprise given how popular dog pages are on Facebook, in Twitter feeds, and how many dog Instagram stars and influencers there are today. However, ten years is a long time ago in dog years and definitely in social media years!

November 9 is Grouchy Puppy Day

An adopted dog showed us how to live, why we should strive to give fearlessly, and when compassion is the best response. A big dog showed everyone, including us, how many old myths still exist that prevent humans from living in the moment. An older dog showed us how to embrace the aging process and to take life in stride.

Imagine ten years ago what your life was like. Imagine how many days might have been a little brighter thanks to a dog. It felt natural and new to share all the ways an adopted dog made life better for a person of any age. She gave us so many wonderful experiences and taught valuable life lessons that it felt almost greedy to keep her a secret.

Every single day there is a dog out there ready and able to show you how the dog human bond is demonstrated, and why we continue to celebrate these experiences across Grouchy Puppy. In the past decade it has become more common than ever to find animal assisted therapy, kids reading to dogs, having court room dogs available, wag brigades at every major airport, and more! 

If you need inspiration. If you are looking for a fresh perspective on life. If you’ve ever wanted to have all the feelings. Consider bringing a dog into your life. This can mean adopting, it can also mean volunteering. For some, it can mean joining a cuddle club.

Happy Grouchy Puppy Day! This year not only marks the day an adopted dog entered our hearts, it commemorates a decade of sharing the positive influence of dogs with you! It’s still hard to believe sometimes how the power of the human dog bond runs as deep as it does... but for that I’m forever grateful.

- Sharon Castellanos



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