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My big beautiful reward from a pit bull dog

At every age, every stage: How dogs help us

Whenever I hear someone talk about how they are not ready for a dog and want to wait for just the right time, I wonder aloud, “when has a dog not made life better?”


When you stop and think about how dogs fit in our lives, it feels to me like they fit into every stage and moment of my existence. When I was a child, dogs were my best friend and teacher. Later on they became my helper, and co-worker. Ten years after I adopted my first dog, and launched Grouchy Puppy, there has been a steady stream of dogs positively influencing my life. Their ability to give fearlessly to us continues to entertain, inspire, and console.

October is Adopt A Dog Month. If you, or someone you know, have ever wondered about how a dog positively influences our life, look no further. Here are ten ways a dog can help a person at every stage and every age:

  1. Who needs an Apple Watch or a Fitbit to remind you to be active when you have a dog
  2. Snuggles by your side, or at your feet, you never have to worry about being cold. 
  3. They remind you how refreshing and restorative a power nap can be!
  4. There is no such thing as having an empty nest
  5. How can you ever be bored with a dog ready to do something silly 
  6. You always have the biggest fan in the whole world at your feet
  7. When you need the best reason to stay in on a Saturday night
  8. If your boss wants you to stay late, a waiting dog is the perfect exit
  9. Their adoration and support is something you can always trust
  10. They will always tell you when it’s time to go to bed, or sleep in.

These are just some, I would love to hear about other ways! Leave me a comment below about when a dog helped you.

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