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Muttville Cuddle Club: Where Older Dogs Give Love Get Love(d) by Seniors

There are more older people who are life long dog lovers than ever before! These folks are positively influencing senior facilities and retirement centers to accept dogs either as residents, or at least as regular visitors, and I’m here for it!

Another important issue is that as we age, a dog lover may reach a point when they can’t take care of a dog, but they still enjoy giving and getting the canine affection. They intrinsically appreciate the human dog bond.

A very sweet way to access the love and affection from a dog is cuddling and for those in the San Francisco Bay Area, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue offers Cuddle Club!


Cuddle Club

A wonderful way for older people, like my friend Miriam here, to enjoy the affection of dogs, and for these senior dogs to get some extra love and attention while they wait to be adopted.



Everyone I have ever mentioned this adorable program to has been overjoyed. They immediately launch into how perfect it is for older people, how wonderful for the elderly who live in the city and don’t get out much but love to engage with dogs, and they never fail to say how perfect it is for reciprocal and much needed physical affection between human and dog.

I’m so happy to see that Buzz Feed News has put a spotlight on this very special program. Muttville’s Cuddle Club is definitely one that can be adopted in cities and towns all over the world. Where you have an aging population of dog lovers, you can have this sweet opportunity to give love and get love!

It truly is a win-win situation. I can’t tell you how many older people tell me stories of their childhood dogs, how much they loved them, and how they would love to have another dog but can’t. Cuddle Club helps two very important populations remember what love and affection feels like, and I’m here for it.

Learn more about Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and Seniors for Seniors Programs

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