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Is it true that like attracts like? I do find myself pulled towards certain older dogs when I enter the doggy loft each week at Muttville. Sure, some are just so outwardly engaging that most dog people would notice them and respond. I certainly greet all the dogs with happy good mornings, followed by questions about their night. I try not to wake any who want to sleep in, or generally disturb any of the dogs who just don’t do mornings. Not everyone is perky first thing, and that includes dogs.

Spice Girl or Spicy Dog

There is a dog that has been with Muttville longer than usual who I find relatable in a million ways. She is what is called “spicy” or rather, she can snap at you if you’re not watchful. What I love about her is that I get it. I can relate to the desire to react negatively or at least guardedly to others. She’s wary, but at the same time I can see her desire to engage. I can see her body language trying to communicate that she wants to be pet, but just in a certain way and for a certain length of time. If those planets don’t align, then forget it.


She needs to call the shots and that’s okay

I have a strong feeling that Ginger Rogers is a wonderful little dog who just needs someone who gets her. Someone who maybe has their own particular set of rules, therefore appreciates and respects hers. She needs someone who respects her individual nature but also appreciates it and will accommodate it...maybe even enjoy it. She needs patience. I used to enjoy seeing my big dog tell other people when they were doing something wrong. She told them when they weren’t petting her properly, or when they were too loud near her.

Ginger Rogers is a sweet old lady. I know she will find her person. I’m glad she has Muttville in her corner.

From Muttville:


“When two people love each other, they don’t look at each other, they look in the same direction.”~Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers is seeking out her Fred Astaire….are you the love of her life?? This adorable little chihuahua has been through a lot, and she really just wants a place to be comfy and call her own. She is a goofy face and her little lip gets stuck a lot so it looks like she is always smirking…it’s so cute we could just die! She has beautiful coloring as you can see with big golden brown eyes. Ginger Rogers is looking for a more experienced adult only home. She would be happy with or without other dogs in the home!

Staff Pick:

Ginger Rogers is just as special as her namesake. She can be just as sweet and charming as Ginger Rogers at times, but she is typically a spicy treat like the ginger plant. Her tough exterior is a cover to scare away anyone that hasn’t earned her trust. It’s hard and scary being a small dog in a big world at times. Although her bark is much scarier than her bite, the bark is still very intimidating. She needs a person that will respect her boundaries, take things slowly, and not push her into new things. Once Ginger trusts you, she loves snuggles, walks, and playing. Although it will take time, she is worth the extra effort to get to know her!

Ginger Rogers is estimated to be 10 years young and weighs about 8 pounds.

Fall in love with Ginger Rogers at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco!


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