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Senior dogs inspire: Meet Samba the Tripawd

Meet Samba. We ran into her on the streets of San Francisco where she was showing two young boys how to sit and wait for a treat. I love seeing dogs out on walks. Often I exchange a smile and a knowing “dog lover club” look with the person, or sometimes just with the dog. I wave at the dogs if they look at me, otherwise I gauge my reaction based on them. When a dog is on a mission to poop or pee in a particular place, or get to the dog park, it would be criminal to get in the way.




When I met Samba, you could see how loves city life and being a key component to her family. Her dad says she goes everywhere riding along on all his errands. He said she’s a typical Aussie and smart dog who needs and enjoys having a job, but she is also an older lady now and enjoys the quieter things like cruising in the car or sleeping in on the weekends.





Samba’s mom fell in love with her while photographing farm animals in Santa Barbara during a commercial photo shoot. Besides bunnies, goats and horses they had Australian Shepherd puppies. That was ten years ago.


Today Samba was going for a walk to exercise her muscles as she heals from surgery. Samba is a tripawd now and after 7 weeks already has good balance! She pooped and peed like a champ while we visited. Being the smart girl she realized my conversation with her dad was going to be awhile as I told him about my volunteer work with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, so she plopped down to take a breather.




Her dad is confident she’s going to have a great many years to come, and we agree. She has a wonderful loving family and living in the city of St. Francis, she’s got a lot of people in her corner, even random ladies walking by waving to seeing if she wants a butt scratch. I sure hope to run into Samba in her red harness again for another happy fluffy butt scratching. She’s why senior dogs really do rule. She’s taking life in stride, and that inspires me to do the same.

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