Why Invest in a Senior Dog?

Why we love old dogs ♥️ November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month.

Forget reading your Sunday horoscope. Don't listen to the podcast that promises to tell you secrets to the meaning of life. Save your money by not going to that success seminar given by a life coach. Instead, I suggest you find yourself an old dog.

Find yourself a sugar face, a senior sweetheart from your local animal shelter, then love them and care for them through their final chapters. If you are unable to bring an old dog into your home, then find your local rescue and start spending as much time as you can there with their older residents. Volunteer, or if you are older too, join in a cuddle session like they offer at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue’s Cuddle Club.


The key to understanding why we love old dogs are your own experiences. Your every day moments with an old dog can change your life for the better. If you have an old dog in your home, the experiences can have a positive impact on everyone who comes into contact with your senior sweetheart.

It's one thing to read about old dogs in stories, but when you are fortunate enough to have an old dog in your daily life, that's when your world view goes to a whole different level.

Imagine having these 6 positive experiences:

  • Sense of calm
  • Acceptance
  • Peacefulness 
  • Experiencing a kind of grandparental love
  • Simplicity of life
  • Learning and feeling empathy

Imagine the Positive Influence on Kids

To understand what end of life means, to develop compassion for others, especially our elderly is something children can learn when they experience life with an older dog. Children can gain a greater appreciation for life, for caring about their elders, what it means to accept the passing of a loved family member.

We love old dogs because they teach us these important principles and values. Consider going to your local shelter and bringing home an older dog. It’s an experience that make all the difference to your life, and to theirs.

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