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Discover why senior dogs rule when you call in love with Cappy!

There is something so cuddly about American Eskimo dogs. Maybe they remind me of my childhood Samoyed? I was drawn to this handsome quiet guy who loves to sidle over for little snuggles.

When we visited together over a couple weeks, Cappy was always gentle and incredibly patient with his fellow Muttville roomies. He is such a zen master that he can fall asleep sitting up, with the busy city streets outside his window.

In his last home Cappy received lots of lap time and a few too many meals. He would love to go to a home that can help him shed some of his extra weight just in time for summer!


This sweet boy loves to get brushed, and will fall asleep to the smooth soft rhythm. It not only feels good for him and is good for his coat, but my own blood pressure dropped. I brushed him with a small rake for two minutes when this happened...


He’s fantastic on leash and always ready for a stroll in the sunshine. We think Cappy will make a great addition to any mellow home.

Cappy is around 13 years young, currently weighing around 20 lbs.

Fall in love with him at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco!   Learn more:  https://muttville.org/mutt/cappy-2825

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