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How the human animal bond motivates us: Creating a lap bed

Readers and followers of Grouchy Puppy know that we celebrate how the human dog bond is demonstrated. The examples we find are a wonderful testament to the enduring positive influence dogs have on us. This inspiring story came out of wanting to soothe both her dog and cat while undergoing painful radiation treatment for breast cancer.

Five years ago, at one of the lowest points of her life, Tammy Olley came up with the idea for a unique pet bed.


Every day after work, I would go to my radiation treatment and then drive an hour and a half home. My days were long, and the radiation made me so tired and sore. My cat had always slept on or against my legs, but at that time I was so sleep deprived and achy that as much as I loved her, I just wanted her off of me.

While laying on the radiation table I came up with the MYLAP pet bed design method, which allowed adding scent to the bed. After I had my prototype made, I began testing it out on my cat and I noticed that my dog, who has every kind of anxiety including separation anxiety, was starting to steal the bed. I realized it calmed him as well, and I began finding him sleeping on it more and more...

This unique bed allows you to add your scent to the fabric of the bed while providing your little buddy with the comforting shape of a warm lap. 

Innovational Pet Product LLC is women-owned small business, with Tammy as the only employee at this time which means all of these beds are proudly assembled in the USA.

Learn more about how the love for her pets, even in her darkest hour, inspired Tammy, and where to buy this homey little bed > here <


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