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5 Great Reasons Why Time With a Senior Dog Makes Us Healthier!

Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Rosalind and Viola!

Rosalind is an adorable little Poodle girl from Solano County after being found as a stray along with her sister Viola. They are the cutest pair and will surely show you what makes senior dogs incredible love bugs!

These darling senior pups can’t wait to meet a family they can call their own, and will be forever grateful!

Rosalind and Viola may seem shy at first, but they warm up quickly to new people and love to sit in your lap and go for walks.

When you meet this bonded pair of miniature poodles you will fall in love!

Like most sisters they love hanging out together but also enjoy playing separately.

Rosalind and Viola went from being neglected, matted strays to living the highlife here at Muttville. They can’t wait to turn over yet another new leaf in their loving forever home!

Come meet this hypoallergenic, darling duo soon!

Rosalind and Viola have lived together their entire lives and helped each other survive on the streets, so we’d love for them to be adopted together!

Rosalind is 12 years young and weighs 9 pounds.

Viola is 10 years young and weighs 12 pounds.

Fall in love with these adorably sweet poodle sisters at Muttville and discover why senior dogs rule!

Visit > https://muttville.org/mutt/rosalind-5224-and-viola-5225

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