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Happy 2018! Here’s to all the ways we can experience the positive influence of dogs

Happy 2018!! Here’s to a new wonderful year celebrating the many ways the human animal bond is demonstrated by dogs and those who love them.

Here are just a few ways we saw the power of the human-dog bond expressed last year:

  • Spontaneous cuddles in the middle of a dog walk
  • Compassionate responses to a dog who unexpectedly loses their person
  • A tired person getting up in the middle of the night to take their dog outside to pee
  • Keeping a second identical toy that is your dog’s favorite on the ready
  • Making a special celebration of your dog’s Gotcha Day
  • Happy conversations between dog and person in public

There are so many ways we see how dogs positively influence us, and these were just a sample. What’s so wonderful is that there are truly unlimited ways for us to experience the power of this bond.

We’d love to hear from readers below in the comments how the human dog bond influences you...

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