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The most liked sugar faces on our Grouchy Puppy Instagram will melt your heart

Over on Instagram we share adorable dog photos, and adoptable senior dogs, special dog-centric events and more. We meet sweet pups every week around the web, and across the Bay Area while out walking the streets of San Francisco. How can we not stop and share their sweetness with others?

There is something about these sugar faces that draws our attention wherever we are! Is it those come hither eyes? That aged to perfection face? The seriously adorable underbite? The impossible fluff?

Below are the nine more liked photos from our Grouchy Puppy Instagram account. We hope you will follow Grouchy Puppy on Instagram for a daily dose of adoptable and adorable dogs, or just serious cuteness to keep you smiling throughout the new year.

If you’re on Instagram, please share your profile in the comments and we’ll be sure to follow you back!


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Want to feel good about helping give an older dog a second chance at a happy life?

Whenever I volunteer at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue there always seems to be Kodak moments with the dogs. These sweet adoptable dogs caught my eye last year with their loving manner, soft and welcoming expressions, and ability to make me laugh.

Do you need a dose of oxytocin, or a shot of endorphins? Want to feel good about helping give an older dog a second chance at a happy life? Have a few hours in your week to offer?


You’ll get love, when you give love (and a little elbow grease), each time you help Muttville mutts! 

Learn more here.

Foster. Adopt. Donate. Volunteer.

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Get free love every weekend at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

One of our favorite places in the city of St. Francis is Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Every week I love volunteering there because I never know what dog will want as many cuddles as I can offer!

After a year of spending time with these sweet oldsters I can tell you there is something special about a senior dog. If you want to discover what I’m talking about, come down to Rescue Row.

Every weekend you can get free love from the sugar faces, because senior dogs rule. Scroll through theses cutie pies to see what I mean.

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you meet Boba!

How adorable is Boba!? This darling boy is looking to slim-down and turn over a new leaf!

image from

Could you be the special person he needs to get back his beach-bod!? Boba came to Muttville very overweight, but very happy. He loves to walk around exploring his surroundings and meeting new people.

He is very laid-back and sweet, and would love a family to call his own. Boba is great with other dogs and is quickly adjusting to his new diet :)

Boba is 12 years young and weighs 27 pounds.

Check out what this sweet guys foster has to say about him:

Boba is a total sweetheart! He loves to be close & to cuddle on the couch, but he is fine being left alone as well. He is coming out of his shell more & more since we’ve had him & he has a fun, easygoing personality.Boba (aka Bo Fatty) came to us VERY overweight – he was very slow & low-activity at first. But he is learning to love walks – when you go to the door with the leash his tail starts wagging & he gets excited! His walks are getting longer & longer as he is losing weight, with a record-setting walk around the block today. You can tell that he wants to be at a higher activity level but is stuck in that big body of his! Once he gets to his “beach bod” & closer to his goal weight we imagine he will be quite the walker. He gets along with our other two dogs just fine. His house manners are GREAT – no accidents in the house since we’ve had him. Super nice & easy dog! If we could, we would adopt him in a heartbeat.

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