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Don’t fear! Senior dogs are very dear — and worth adopting!!

5 Great Reasons Why Senior Dogs Rule and Puppies Drool

November has turned into a favorite month thanks to the older dogs in my life. I love senior dogs more than Thanksgiving turkey and cranberry sauce!

My excitement for this month began after we adopted my own amazing Shepherd Husky from the San Francisco SPCA in November. After we shared every “Gotcha Day” and adoptaversary each November, I loved this month a little bit more.

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Since my big fluffy girl had to move on three years ago, I’ve been spending time every week at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue among an ever changing tide of sweet oldsters. They show me how much more fun being around well-seasoned dogs are compared to puppies! 

Curious about what makes these sugar faces so great? Read on and see for yourself  Adorable adoptable dogs ahead!!

Five of the best reasons why senior dogs rule and puppies drool

(1) They have the right perspective when it comes to aches and pains. Tilly Mae, a sweet little poodle was picked up as a stray with a broken pelvis, probably from being hit by a car. However you can see here that she isn’t letting anything stop her from snuggling in my lap. She knows that kindness and compassion are the best medicine.

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(2) How do I look? Rather than worry about how the aging process looks on you, Loretta shows me that a sassy expression is always a good look! This cocker spaniel is an expert at reminding you that the most important thing is the right attitude and a few snips of the scissors.

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(3) Managing grief like a boss. Noemi came to Muttville after the passing of her lifelong guardian, but she has reminded me that you can be sad and open to love at the same time. When we’re together this Border Collie gently stays close for my affection but when she needs her space, she quietly steps into an open crate or finds a snug corner bed. I appreciate and learn from her quietude and grace.

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(4) Focus and meditation, shutting out the loud noises of the world. Bosun easily showed me why senior dogs rule! Look at that gaze, you fall right in as if he’s Yoda or maybe just a hunky hypnotist. Time stopped while I was with this big blend of Labrador and Australian shepherd. I didn’t hear any of the street noise, and for a moment I forgot about everything but how relaxing it was to thoughtfully pet this dog.

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(5) Simple joy and appreciating the little moments. Fern came into my life because of the California wildfires. She had to be moved from a Santa Rosa shelter that was threatened. From the first moment with her, I could see this German shepherd knew what was important in life. Her lovable outlook in the face of sudden change is inspiring.

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November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month

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