Discover why senior dogs rule when you meet Violet!!
Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Poochie!!

Older dogs teach us patience and how to fill up your love tank!

In our hurry up, I'm always late world, spending time with an older dog can be the perfect counterbalance.

Time together may help you gain a thoughtful approach to the next hour of the day, or maybe the whole week ahead. After a few one-on-one minutes with an older dog, I have left motivated and empowered, focused more the softer side of life.

The feeling of being half empty can be turned around.

As the Real Housewives of Orange County put it, an old dog can show you how to fill up your "love tank".

When I'm with an old dog, I'm happy they want to walk all the way around the block. But if she wants to stop and turn around, I'm still thrilled we got outside.

I'm satisfied with less, because together we made sure her sweet little legs got a stretch and her senses got a fresh dose of life, street smells, and city activity.

I've found that the maturity of a senior dog has a positive influence on my life, similar to the calm and relaxed feeling I get after a yoga session. In those hours after the class, I'm soothed in a natural way. I feel better equipped to not let every bad thing in the world get me worked up inside.

Until I have a senior dog in my home again, this weekly exposure with the oldsters at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue keeps me nurturing my patience for the world around me. Something I bet a lot of you could use, am I right?

My bonus gift is their affection. It rolls off them with ease, and there is so much of it! I leave each week filled up. It's a mystery to me but the promise of more, and learning something new from them keeps me coming back for another dose. 

Yep, #seniordogsrule and if you want to find out for yourself what the big deal is, meet Petunia, the star of this post...she's adoptable!


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