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Discover why senior dogs rule when you meet Sansa the poodle!

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day with ASPCA and Sir Patrick Stewart

Dog fighting is cruel. Dog fighting is the ugly side of humans. I believe one way to counter animal cruelty is to raise compassionate children, to positively influence our communities about dogs. 

April 8 is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, an annual day to raise awareness about the prevalence of dog fighting and encourage animal lovers to take action against it.

Throughout April, the ASPCA is teaming up with Sir Patrick Stewart and asking animal advocates to #GetTough on this cruel practice by posting a selfie with their pet to their social media channels, flexing their arm muscle in solidarity with the movement.


This year the ASPCA has teamed up with pit bull advocate, Patrick Stewart, to get tough on dog fighting. There's no question dog fighting is a deplorable crime. While it’s illegal in every state, there are still tens of thousands of dogs forced to train, fight, and suffer every year.

Join us!

Sign the pledge!

Make a donation!

Share your own selfie with your pet, then let everyone know across your social media that you care:

Today I’m helping the @ASPCA fight for victims of dog fighting. Let’s #GetTough on this ugly crime:


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