Christmas dogs in the city
Give your time to older dogs and get swamped by love!

Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Ralph!!!

Is there such a thing as a puddle of a Poodle, or a Poodle puddle?

Ralph is a silly, fun and affectionate senior boy who can’t wait to meet you!

Give him a second and he'll be in your arms ready to snuggle up before dropping into the cutest little snoring bundle.

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He may not be able to see too well, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying his daily walks and mingling with other mutts.

Not too big and not too small, he’s the perfect size to be your cuddle buddy and walking companion.

All Ralph wants is to spend his golden years as your BFF, partner in crime and constant companion!

We think Ralph is 11 years young, weighing about 15 lbs.

Fall in love with Ralph at Muttville on Rescue Row in San Francisco!


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