Summer school with senior dogs!
What does 'fospice' mean for dogs and for you?

Older dogs offer you something special, often intangible

When you spend time with older dogs, it feels like you've been given a free meditation lesson. Hanging with Murphy here in the doggy loft at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, I literally could feel his soothing aura embrace me while I sat next to him on a bed.


Older dogs offer you something special, often intangible.

They can show you how being old brings experience at how to stay calm in the midst of noise...chaos, upheaval. The reward is making that one connection with another that brings affection and kinship, like I did with Murphy.

He is bonded with Maggie, who I also had a very fun play session with while Murphy napped. Together they offer the perfect one-two punch to a dog lover looking for affection and lessons in finding your zen in this mad world.



When in doubt, old dogs show you how to enjoy your own space in a busy room. Maggie and Murphy showed me this morning how to create a happy place in the midst of a noisy crowd. 

Maybe it's a sign of my aging but I really appreciate moments like these. We have so much noise from the media, presidential candidates and for me, city life in general. My brief lesson in finding my moment of zen with a pair of senior sweethearts this week at Muttville, is something I won't forget any time soon.

Learn more about Muttville, how senior dogs can enrich your life, and adopting this sweet bonded pair of Havanese dogs here.

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