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My Muttville Moment: Big old dogs know about grace

When I spend time with old dogs I always seem to come away with a new wisdom or reminded of a forgotten lesson. Recently I sat with a big old girl named Bridgett. Her quiet watchful gaze followed me around the room until I stopped mopping and came over. She had fit her large shepherd body onto a piece of AstroTurf along the far wall. I couldn't tell if she missed laying on grass or wanted a little private space.

Since her eyes were open I decided to go visit. I'm so glad I did. Bridgett lifted her sugar face up and calmly gazed at me. I took that as a green-light and sat down on the floor. We chatted.

Image from www.grouchypuppy.com

As I stroked her body and scratched her ears, she told me that she liked other dogs well enough but also enjoyed having a quiet nap. The corner gave her peace because no one could sneak up from behind and startle her. As we get older our reflexes aren't always as fast as we'd like.

Life Lesson #111... old dogs show you how to enjoy your own space in a busy room.

Over many years we also have developed the ability to filter out more noises. That talent can backfire as we age when a loud bark, or unfamiliar sound wakes us from a nap. Bridgett sighed, then before dozing off, shared one more piece of advice. She reminded me that though her bones ached, and sudden noises or movements were unpleasant, she loved being with people who loved dogs. She loved her quiet time a little more each week, but she still enjoyed soft affection.

I appreciated those moments with Bridgett.

Seeing her big presence in that small space reminded me of how my own dog had been able to curl her enormous Husky Shepherd body onto a tiny dog bed when she wanted to.

What I love about big old dogs is the display of grace. Incredible lovely grace. Bridgett offered me the perfect refreshing reminder of this important lesson on a day when I needed it the most.

Learn more about Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, and wise Bridgett.

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