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Showing kindness to animals made my vacation better

Be Kind to Animals Week 2016 and Giving our Children a Humane Education

This week the American Humane Association invites us to be kind to insects, rodents, bats, and all animals! As a self-declared dog lover, I find that this week is a wonderful opportunity to focus on young adults and children getting a compassionate and humane education. Raising compassionate children is a key to improving the lives of animals, and reducing the homeless pet population.

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When you welcome a roaming dog while on vacation..

You don't have to get a puppy for your child to teach them about life, or to build empathy. Exposing young people to senior dogs is a great way to have important conversations about life, compassionate care, and respect for our elderly citizens. 

Children can learn at a young age that they can impact how the animals are treated in their community. Raising compassionate and empathetic children means less abusive adults, and fewer animal cruelty cases.

American Humane Association invites everyone to visit: Kindness, where they can find a fascinating historical retrospective of “Be Kind to Animals Week,” a series of pre-K-5 curricula to teach children the value of compassion, and a pledge with four things people can do to improve the lives of billions of animals. 

By teaching your children at a young age to love and respect all animals, you will be instilling in them a compassionate way of life. You will be tipping the kindness scale in favor of companion animals, and all animals!

More Information:

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National Humane Education Society: Animal Welfare Nonprofit

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