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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Terry! He's full of wags!

Old dogs are full of tricks!

This is Danny, a very clever senior dog from Muttville. Without me saying a word, he walked up during my recent volunteer duty, and put out his right paw. It was still pretty early on this San Francisco morning, and I needed another cup of coffee, but this little cocker spaniel was intent on showing off his tricks.

Unlike my big old Shepherd Husky, Danny didn't need to sit down to shake hands. He also proved he is ambidextrous by offering his left paw a few minutes later. 


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If you're lucky enough to meet Danny, or even adopt him from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, you'll find out for yourself why senior dogs rule. Check out the rest of his Muttville background here:

  • Danny likes to explore
  • He's very mellow (yep!)
  • Incredibly soft and very sweet
  • Danny is about 30 lbs and 9-11 years young


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