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Need a reason why old dogs matter? Here's five...

Puppies are very cute, but I don't want one. Never have. Even when we had a litter of puppies during my childhood, they were sweet creatures but they couldn't hold my attention like our adult dogs. The older dogs kept my interest because I wanted so much to understand them better. I craved their respect and trust. The puppies were sweet blobs of unformed clay, while the adults were sharp intelligent animals. 

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Fast forward a few decades, and my Shepherd Husky refreshed my memory of why old dogs matter, and how they positively influence your life.

Now, volunteering at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, the mutts are sharing many reasons why we should care about them, and for them, more than ever.

Here are 5 Reasons Old Dogs Matter:

  1. Taking a slower pace on a walk helps enhance your senses. Older dogs move with purpose! In today's busy world, it's a good reminder to take it easy. Pull your eyes up, and put your phone down. 
  2. Having lived ten years, compared to ten weeks, a senior dog knows how to be calm. This quality, and skill, is valuable to us humans, especially during this maddening election year!
  3. More people are self-identifying  as introverts. Having a steady senior dog as your companion can mitigate dozens of social situations! Maybe hundreds! 
  4. Focus. Thanks in part to social media, and to smart phones tethering us to our companies, our attention is often split and superficial. An older dog requires, in some cases demands, that you pay attention to them! No half-ass petting or play time. They expect focus, and commitment. It's wonderful, and refreshing!
  5. Empowerment, that's one of the nicest gifts you'll receive from a senior dog. They are gurus at knowing how to empower you! Being around an older dog, taking care of them, just caring about their well-being will send you over the moon! You will feel as if you can accomplish anything!

If you want to feel like a super hero, experience life with an old dog. If you need to be reminded what matters in life, or how to live a good life, have an senior dog. When you're feeling blue, confused, angry, or overwhelmed, earning the love and trust of an old dog can mitigate all of these emotions!

Senior dogs occupy a special place in the world, and have a unique role in our lives. Once everyone realizes that, we all win!

What has been your experiences with old dogs? Why do they matter to you?

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