Little dogs behind glass - Wordless Wednesday
The role dogs play continues to evolve

Begin the New Year with Mary Oliver reading from Dog Songs

Happy New Year you old savings and loan!

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Enjoy Mary Oliver reading a lovely poem from Dog Songs. It's a wonderful way to start the new year! Here's to a happy, healthy, dog-filled 2016...


Renowned poet Mary Oliver reads "Little Dog's Rhapsody in the Night" from her collection of new and favorite poems, Dog Songs, celebrating the dogs that have enriched her world.

Beloved by her readers, special to the poet's own heart, Mary Oliver's dog poems offer a special window into her world. Dog Songs collects some of the most cherished poems together with new works, offering a portrait of Oliver's relationship to the companions that have accompanied her daily walks, warmed her home, and inspired her work. Illustrated with images of the dogs themselves, the subjects come to colorful life here.

These are poems of love and laughter, heartbreak and grief. In these pages we visit with old friends, including Oliver's well-loved Percy, and others. Throughout, the many dogs of Oliver's life emerge as fellow travelers, but also as guides, spirits capable of opening our eyes to the lessons of the moment and the joys of nature and connection.

Dog Songs is a testament to the power and depth of the human-animal exchange, from an observer of extraordinary vision. (YouTube)

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