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Would you ticket a dog for using public transit?

There are a lot of dogs, and bicycles in San Francisco. I've seen both on BART. When you live in a big urban city, using public transportation makes a lot of sense. You can travel a great distance fast and cheap, but you have to give up personal space and share the bus, train or trolley with others. 

I like this part. I enjoy experiencing the sights and sounds of it all, even when it makes me uncomfortable. It's real life. It's also temporary. When I read in the NY Times about dogs riding the subway in New York illegally, I thought about the dogs I've seen here on Muni.

image from
"Aren't you the nice dog..." on the J Church, San Francisco, CA.


If the dog is well-behaved why should it be a problem?

I've watched and listened to kids on a bus cause more trouble than any dog. I've seen bus drivers forced to stop and escort a drunk obscenity spewing person out the back door. Never have I witnessed a dog cause any trouble beyond taking up some space, space that would have been filled by a person's legs or shopping bags anyway.

Law enforcement have priorities. Wouldn't their time be better spent chasing down the people defacing the trains and buses? People not dogs damage our public transit.

If a dog creates a mess then yes, their person should either be given a ticket, or cleaning supplies.

Encourage good behavior. It's call public transportation for a reason. It's for all of us, and as long as people are responsible, I have no problem sharing my personal space with a dog.

What do you think? 




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