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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Baby Doll

If you haven't discovered this year why senior dogs are the best, there is hope for you and your family in the form of a big sweet blend of Labrador named Baby Doll. There’s not a more fitting name for this precious dog!


Baby Doll is one of the sweetest, most darling girls you’ll ever meet. 

She’s a big and beautiful senior lady who loves meeting new people and enjoys hanging out with her four legged buddies.

Its clear that Baby Doll has had it rough these past few months, but her future is looking bright!

With some extra TLC, lots of belly rubs and daily strolls in the sunshine, we’re sure Baby Doll will get back to her former, slimmer self in no time at all.

We think Baby Doll is between 8-10 years young, weighing about 80 lbs.

Fall in love with her at Muttville on Rescue Row in San Francisco.

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