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What Encourages People to Walk Their Dog?

During National Walk Your Dog Week, this article had us thinking about how to encourage people to walk their dog. Our brains know walking together is good for both of us, but sometimes that isn't enough to get us out the door.

Pet obesity, along with humans, is a real issue. It's easy to get into the habit of staying curled up inside, or letting our dog nap the day away.

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We decided to ask this question on our Facebook page, and one great answer came from Kathleen:

When I take my dog for walks I use the "Walk for a Dog" app. Every time we walk, they donate to the animal shelter or rescue of my choice. I walk for because that is the organization that my dog was adopted through.

Some spoke of the simple joy of exploring the outdoors together, while others saw the clear health benefit.

I loved going on dog walks with Cleo. Besides the obvious exercise, it was fun to see the neighborhood through her eyes. We had some adventures together that felt like we were Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. Mischief with a big dog in the city is not to be missed!

Read more via Companion Animal Psychology and tell me, what motivates you? Is it a welcoming outdoor space, the desire for some exercise together, or ???

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