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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Mina

What I love about dogs is their resilience, and the example set by older, senior dogs is incredibly inspiring. Dogs know love and live in the now. This adoptable shepherd all the way from Iran is someone ready to show you why senior dogs rule:

“Mina is a sweet girl. She can be reserved when learning about her new world, but is also a very confident dog who knows her mind. Mina has been successfully learning new things, like how to go up and down stairs, how to jump into the car for a fun ride to Fort Funston, and how to sleep on a dog bed. She likes to snooze in the shade under the trees, but is also quick when something interesting is happening nearby. Mina has learned to play with tug toys. Mina seems to be ok as the only dog, but I think she’d prefer to have a playmate living with her.”

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Mina has traveled over land and sea from Iran to be a part of Muttville and we couldn’t be happier to have her!

This gentle girl has been through a lot of transitions in her life recently, so she is still understandably a bit wary of her surroundings. But with some patience and a lot of love, we’re sure that Mina will come out of her shell to show her wiggly and goofy side!

Meet Mina at Muttville on Rescue Row in San Francisco, and you'll fall in love!

We think Mina is between 8-10 years old, weighing about 50 lbs.

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