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Taking good pictures isn't easy, ask any dog person how hard it is to get a photo of their furry buddy that isn't blurred or poorly lit. And that's when the dog is sleeping. Imagine what it must be like for shelter dogs. These are dogs who lives can change overnight when a stranger falls in love with their cute mug on a shelter's website, or Facebook page.

Having a cute photo to share online and across social media can have a big impact on dog adoption successes. From

The study found that some of the most important traits of a photo that lead to an adoption include:

  • the dog making direct eye contact with the camera
  • the dog standing up
  • the dog posing in an outdoor location
  • the sharpness and overall quality of the image

Interestingly, the aspects that seemed like they would make a dog appear more friendly, such as a dog wearing a bandana, having a toy, or having an open mouth with a visible tongue, didn't seem to sway people who were looking to adopt.


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Did you fall in love with your dog's photo before you met?

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