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Sure dog lovers say this about every dog but there is something special about Golden Retrievers. Goldstock is described as "the most fun you can have with your dog, and your dog with you." 

What makes this more than your average Labor Day weekend? This event is about promoting animal rescue, and raising money. It's about hundreds of Golden Retrievers teaching you a few life lessons.



Goldstock, which brings together hundreds of golden retrievers and their owners, is a yearly gathering that benefits and celebrates rescue dogs. The event was started in 1998 by Gail Lustig, a New York City dog-walker whose father built the camp in the 1950s.

Since then, Goldstock has grown from its humble beginnings of 60 attendees to include campers and rescue groups from all over the world. Roughly 400 dogs and nearly 30 different rescue groups participated in Goldstock 2014, as well as many dog-less attendees who showed up to support the cause.

This is better than any band camp, because dogs! What a wonderful event to close out summer with, and I can't wait to see Dog Camp in the fall!

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