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On Tuesday, a new Dr. Seuss book called What Pet Should I Get? was released, and according to Time

The book centers around a brother and sister who set out to a local pet store in search of a furry friend to call their own.

Attitudes towards dogs as pets and companions have changed a lot over the past fifty years. We are seeing more people understand the joy a senior dog can bring to your life. Thanks to many animal welfare organizations we are closer than ever to becoming a no-kill nation.

I'll be honest, I grew up reading and enjoying Dr. Seuss books. However I know how little things can influence a child's mind, and in this book it bothers me that a pet store is the focus of where they might find their new furry friend

I'd rather have them learn why adoption is a better option than buying a pet [SF/SPCA]

There are classic kid-friendly dog books already out there like Go, Dog. Go! and Harry the Dirty Dog. Do you think this new Dr. Seuss compares?


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Would you buy the book to use as a way to teach children about why adoption is a great option? I'd love to read your comments on this.


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