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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Tiki

Come check out this newest Muttville heart throb, Tiki! This handsome older dog with a cuddly personality is the sweetest.

This XL fluffball is a true one-of-a-kind. He may be considered a senior, but Tiki still loves his daily walks.

He can do stairs like a champ and is always the first to run to the door to greet whoever comes through.

Tiki gets along great with dogs of all sizes and even cats! Tiki wants nothing more than to be your newest BFF. Taking home this handsome boy is a no brainer.

We think Tiki is around 9 years young, weighing about 50 lbs.

Come fall in love with him at Muttville on Rescue Row in San Francisco!

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7 Tips to keep your furry loved ones safe during summer fun and fireworks

Keeping our pets safe during the summer months means watching out for hazards like toxic herbicides on the grass, knowing the signs of heat stroke, avoiding discarded chicken bones from barbecues and protecting lost dogs fleeing from fireworks.

With summer concerts and festivals in full swing, please remember your four-legged family members. Celebrating July 4th with family and friends is a wonderful tradition and holiday, however in the excitement of your first sparkler, don't forget your dog.

image from

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July 4 Special Dog Adoption Day in San Diego for Military Families and Seniors

This July 4th a very special dog adoption event for military families and senior people is being held at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego County. The Wags for Warriors and Sizzling Seniors Adoption Day Event offers approved military families and Seniors (55+) adopting Senior pets (5+) the chance to have a portion of their adoption fees covered by a very special donor! In addition, between 10:00am and 12:00pm there will be fun kids crafts, a FREE shaved ice, and a ticket for enter-to-win raffle prizes.
Generous Helen Woodward Animal Center Donor Spreads Joy to Military Families and Senior Animal-Lovers with Sponsored Adoptions on the 4th of July!


Rancho Santa Fe, CA (June 22, 2015) – On the 4th of July, as celebratory fireworks fly through the air, celebratory cuddling will be taking place in homes across the city. That’s because, despite the “Independence” day holiday, Helen Woodward Animal Center knows that the 4th is all about uniting family - human and furry alike. Military families and more mature members of our community (aged 55+) are encouraged to find their forever friend at the Wags for Warriors and Sizzling Senior Adoption Event. The special day has been arranged thanks to Jim Kuden a longtime supporter of the Center, animal-lover and patriot. Kuden, who believes uniting these special groups with orphan pets can make a uniquely positive impact on the lives of both the animals and their new families, will help to sponsor adoption fees of approved military families adopting any pet and/or seniors adopting a senior pet on Saturday, July 4th, 2015. The Center will celebrate the fun with family activities, raffle prizes, kids crafts, and shaved ice between 10:00am and noon that day.

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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Prince

Dreams come true when you meet an older dog. Presenting his royal highness, Prince!

muttville mutt

This charming boy is ready to find a castle to call his own. Prince may be considered a senior, but he sure does have some pep in his step.

Prince loves to go for his daily leisurely strolls to soak up the sun and explore all the sights and sounds.

Prince makes a great little lap warmer, too. Though he’s known to sometimes be quite the talker, Prince doesn’t mind laying next to you on the couch to listen to you! He's a dream come true.

Meet him at Muttville on Rescue Row in San Francisco!

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Warning! Happy pit bull spotted in local park

Just call me a fool for any happy dog who is dying to show you the ball they so cleverly caught at the park.

Warning! Happy pit bull spotted in local park. Proceed with caution, or you'll find yourself late for work because said dog will convince you to throw the ball for her.

This sweet pit bull girl came running up while we were admiring the view from Bernal Heights in San Francisco. She jumped up on the bench in front us to be sure we didn't miss her "show and tell" performance too. 


Best kind of strangers!

I may never have met this dog before but with her happy face, and incorrigible demeanor, she is no stranger to a animal lover. Am I right?

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The Five Myths of Having a Senior Dog

Three years ago, while looking across the room at my old dog, I had five fast responses to anyone fearful of loving a senior dog pop into my head. Reading through them this weekend, I still think they hold up and make good examples of why you should never let your fear of heartbreak prevent you from having an old dog in your life.

After our Cleo passed late last year, I have had many encounters with older dogs and each time they made me laugh and shake my head at these myths. 

Some people think having an old dog is the opposite of fun. I beg to differ with them. 

Check out these five myth-busters:

Myth 1. They're boring.

Fact: How can you be bored when you have this face around keeping you in stitches?

image from

Myth 2. They're expensive.

Fact: We eat the same foods as she does, only minus the kibble. Even her pills are delivered via high-grade liverwurst that we share.

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Fundraiser and Pet Adoption Event! "Sleepover at a Shelter" starts today!

“Sleepover at the Shelter” is an event to increase adoptions at animal shelters and to raise money to provide free spay-neuter to underserved communities.

Friday and Saturday, June 12-13

The Sleepover begins on Friday morning and the big adoption event is on Saturday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Reduced Adoption Fees

Free Goody Bags for Adopters

Face Painters

Food Trucks

How You Can Help:

A group of volunteers will be spending time at the Downey Animal Care Center over a 24-hour period to celebrate all the pets that are waiting to be adopted. Sponsor the time that they are staying at the shelter.

Be a volunteer and get people to sponsor you! Make a difference while spending quality time with great animals that just want to love.


Help them reach their $30,000 goal, which will help pay for 400 Spay/Neuter Surgeries

Learn more! Visit: Sleepover at the Shelter

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The benefits of loving a small dog

Judging by this image, Charlie Brown knows what a dog wants, even if he doesn't know why Lucy keeps pulling the football away from his foot. And Snoopy, for his part, might be Joe Cool at the school water fountain, wearing sunglasses and being aloof, but here he's just a little beagle happily going along for a ride in Chuck's hoodie. 

Reminds me how impossibly large our dog Cleo was. Her head could have fit in the hoodie, at best.

snoopy with charlie brown

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Dogs We Love: An encouraging image from Turkey

In April, I traveled for the first time to a place where the majority of people didn't love dogs the way I do, the way most of us do in the United States.

This was my first experience of seeing stray dogs roaming city streets, staked outside with little shelter, or being chased off of a sidewalk by someone with a broom. It was overwhelming at times emotionally because it was obvious there was little that I could do to make the dogs lives any better. 

image from

For each lonely stray I saw in the countryside, the bright side was seeing images like this one. It was heartwarming to witness some level of kinship and connection between Turk and dog, even if it wasn't what I was used to experiencing here in San Francisco.

This snoozing puppy was at Pergamon, a world heritage site in Bergama, Turkey. 



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