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The Five Myths of Having a Senior Dog

Three years ago, while looking across the room at my old dog, I had five fast responses to anyone fearful of loving a senior dog pop into my head. Reading through them this weekend, I still think they hold up and make good examples of why you should never let your fear of heartbreak prevent you from having an old dog in your life.

After our Cleo passed late last year, I have had many encounters with older dogs and each time they made me laugh and shake my head at these myths. 

Some people think having an old dog is the opposite of fun. I beg to differ with them. 

Check out these five myth-busters:

Myth 1. They're boring.

Fact: How can you be bored when you have this face around keeping you in stitches?

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Myth 2. They're expensive.

Fact: We eat the same foods as she does, only minus the kibble. Even her pills are delivered via high-grade liverwurst that we share.

Myth 3. Senior dogs only sleep.

Fact: Sometimes we wish she would nap more. When she isn't napping, you get this come hither look which causes our hands to move in her direction. Books are set down. TV isn't watched, and we end up playing a game or going for a walk.

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Myth 4. They're ugly.

Fact: Really?

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Myth 5. Senior dogs will break your heart.

Fact: Cleo not only works tirelessly to give us imagery, hairy mementos, and good times that are forever etched in our minds and hearts - she teaches us life lessons that we can apply to our human friends and family. She has ensured her legacy will live on in us, and many others far and away. Cleo's body will depart but not her presence. You can't miss her presence now, how can we later?

You owe it to yourself to have a senior dog in your life. They will make you a better human being. And if by chance you feel a piece of your heart missing after they leave this earth, don't worry. It is a high value item to them, and like their favorite toy, they will take care to keep it safe until you meet again.

Do you have a senior dog? Have you had one in the past? Please share your experiences in the comments, and if you know of more mythbusters tell us!

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