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We had a dog who loved to get into the trash. She also tried, and sometimes succeeded in picking up a stray chicken bone while we on a walk. We were fortunate that those events were rare and beyond one stressful Thanksgiving episode, the first aid our dog needed was Neosporin on a cut.

Throughout April, the American Red Cross is trying to raise awareness about the specialized knowledge needed to treat our pets.

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Can you answer these questions?

  1. Do you have phone numbers to 24-hour Animal Hospitals in your area on speed dial? How about a local veterinarians who makes house calls?
  2. Do you have the poison control hotline in an easy place to find quickly?
  3. Does your medicine cabinet have essential medications and supplies appropriate for your dog?
  4. Can you perform pet CPR?
  5. If you have a big dog, do you have the help/equipment necessary to get them into your car if they cannot walk?

The last one became a big deal for us as our dog aged, and I realized that I could not physically carry her 85 lb. body, even a little, forget down the front porch stairs.

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, a good time to look over your first aid supplies, your dog's current health needs, and if you are prepared to help your dog is they need first aid.

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