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Fun and easy ways for dog lovers to celebrate Earth Day

We love our dogs and we love our planet. When thinking about how to celebrate Earth Day with your dog, there are lots of fun and easy ways your family can become eco-friendly and go green!

First stop, the cute department. Consider having dog bedding that is eco-friendly such as one from the Little Green Dog, or reuse your old soft clothing inside a Molly Mutt dog bed. Four years ago we tried this and our dog loved the results! [Easy Dog Bed Project]

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What are other easy ways for you and your dog to be more green?

Try natural cleaning products for your home

Use biodegradable poop bags, or if possible and safe, flush or bury your dog's poop

Consider switching to a holistic dog grooming line

Try out a Molly Mutt sustainable and green dog bed

These just scratch the surface of how easy it is to go green with your dog. What's missing?

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