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Angus the first SFFD search and rescue dog

Dogs will put their lives on the line for us humans, and it never ceases to amaze me. With my own dog, I did not take for granted her willingness to protect and watch over me. I see search and rescue dogs and just want to give them a treat, a pet or anything that is allowed, because as you can see from the photo here, when these dogs are on duty you have to respect their boundaries.

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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Cassidy

You will understand why senior dogs rule when you meet this adorable dog. They don’t get much sweeter than Cassidy! This gentle giant can’t help but bring smiles to the faces of everyone that meets her.

image from


She may be considered a senior, but Cassidy would still love to be your dog-friendly, outdoor adventure buddy!

Cassidy is such a special girl and deserves a special home to spoil her rotten.

We think Cassidy is around 8 years young, weighing close to 60 lbs.

Meet her at Muttville on Rescue Row in San Francisco.

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Fun and easy ways for dog lovers to celebrate Earth Day

We love our dogs and we love our planet. When thinking about how to celebrate Earth Day with your dog, there are lots of fun and easy ways your family can become eco-friendly and go green!

First stop, the cute department. Consider having dog bedding that is eco-friendly such as one from the Little Green Dog, or reuse your old soft clothing inside a Molly Mutt dog bed. Four years ago we tried this and our dog loved the results! [Easy Dog Bed Project]

image from

What are other easy ways for you and your dog to be more green?

Try natural cleaning products for your home

Use biodegradable poop bags, or if possible and safe, flush or bury your dog's poop

Consider switching to a holistic dog grooming line

Try out a Molly Mutt sustainable and green dog bed

These just scratch the surface of how easy it is to go green with your dog. What's missing?

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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Captain

You will discover why senior dogs rule when you meet the handsome Captain. He's a sweet Chihuahua hoping to be a member of your family and crew.

He may appear a bit shy at first, but that’s because of all the recent transitions in his life. We’re sure that with enough TLC and belly rubs Captain will come out of his shell and into your lap!

Captain is an angel! His only sound is an excited chirp when his foster takes him to the dog park or when he meets another dog on their walks.

Captain is happiest in the company of other dogs, or snuggling with his person.

We think Captain is 9 years young, weighing 7 lbs.

Meet him at Muttville on Rescue Row in San Francisco.

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Is your dog's identification information current?

It's National Pet ID Week. So many friends and strangers loved our dog, look at her beautiful puppy face!

Not only did we never leave her unattended outside a store, or inside our car, out of worry she would be stolen, but we also made sure she wore identification tags on her collar. When we adopted her from the San Francisco SPCA they had already microchipped her, so one of the first things we did was update the contact information with the tracking company. Once we set up our online account, we made sure they always had our current information for peace of mind.

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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Baby

For so many older dogs age is just a number, and this little terrier is no different. Baby is a spunky senior lady with a super fun personality! Give her a squeaky toy and you will be her best friend for life!


Baby loves to play and cuddle with both people and her four-legged buddies.

We think Baby will make a great addition to any home!

We believe that Baby is about 9 years young, weighing 26 lbs.

Meet her at Muttville on Rescue Row in San Francisco.

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Are you prepared if your dog needs first aid?

We had a dog who loved to get into the trash. She also tried, and sometimes succeeded in picking up a stray chicken bone while we on a walk. We were fortunate that those events were rare and beyond one stressful Thanksgiving episode, the first aid our dog needed was Neosporin on a cut.

Throughout April, the American Red Cross is trying to raise awareness about the specialized knowledge needed to treat our pets.

Image from

Can you answer these questions?

  1. Do you have phone numbers to 24-hour Animal Hospitals in your area on speed dial? How about a local veterinarians who makes house calls?
  2. Do you have the poison control hotline in an easy place to find quickly?
  3. Does your medicine cabinet have essential medications and supplies appropriate for your dog?
  4. Can you perform pet CPR?
  5. If you have a big dog, do you have the help/equipment necessary to get them into your car if they cannot walk?

The last one became a big deal for us as our dog aged, and I realized that I could not physically carry her 85 lb. body, even a little, forget down the front porch stairs.

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, a good time to look over your first aid supplies, your dog's current health needs, and if you are prepared to help your dog is they need first aid.

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Friends Flowers and Fido at HWAC: It's not Coachella it's CHIchella 2015

If you're thinking about adding a dog to your family, you won't want to miss the biggest little festival in Southern California. Bring your friends, fringe and flower crowns to the Helen Woodward Animal Center's Big Festival of Little Dogs this Friday, April 10 through Sunday in North San Diego County.

Rancho Santa Fe, CA (Apr. 07, 2015) – Southern California music-lovers wait all year for this weekend’s Coachella Music Festival – an annual celebration of some of the coolest and most trend-setting new artists and a Woodstock-style crowd partying and dancing for days in the sunshine. Even Hollywood celebrities head out to enjoy the festivities, drawing the paparazzi in droves.

With this in mind, the Helen Woodward Animal Center adoptable Chihuahuas have decided to throw a jam session of their very own – CHIchella kicks off this Friday at the Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoption Department, giving local animal-lovers an opportunity to experience one of the hippest and hottest canine-breeds in their element.

The fun festival includes 26 orphan Chihuahua blends meeting, greeting and catching rays in an outdoor X-Pen Pavilion while the PUParazzi capture the fun. The first 15 Chihuahua adopters receive framed photos of their CHIchella-styled pup, a $10 Amazon ITunes Gift Card and other groovy SWAG!

Though expected to draw Chihuahua celebrity A-listers like ‘CHIyonce’ and musical headliners like ‘AChi/DChi’ the party is far from small-breed exclusive. People attending the event can expect to hob-nob with adoptable Terriers, Pugs, Shepherds, and Cattle Dogs too.. CHIchella is Helen Woodward Animal Center’s fun, festival-event created to celebrate the quirky, off-beat, adorable and often misunderstood Chihuahua breed.

“No Chihuahua is exactly alike,” stated Adoptions Animal Care Supervisor Mollee Sullivan. “In fact, most of our Chihuahuas are blended with other breeds like Terriers, Pugs, and Beagles which gives them really cute, unique looks and quirky, fun personalities. There seems to be a tendency to group them all in one category, but once you meet them you realize that each one has such a special way of expressing themselves.”

The large number of Chihuahuas currently available at the Center includes a wide variety of personality types suitable for any potential adopter. From super-sporty athletes to couch-potato cuddle-bugs, these loving companions are compact and portable and great for the young, on-the-go, apartment-dwelling crowd – proving “once you go small, you’ll want them all!”

WHEN: Kicks off on Friday, April 10th (first day of Coachella!) at NOON and runs through Sunday, April 12th!

WEEKEND ADOPTION HOURS: Friday – 12:00 NOON to 6:00 PM Saturday – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Sunday – 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

WHERE: Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoptions Department – 6461 El Apajo Road, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

WHAT: Come meet and greet a wild and wonderful variety of one of America’s favorite little dogs (26 CHIHUAHUAS ready to party!!!) · Enjoy great music while the Chi’s romp and party in the X-Pen Pavilion. · Adopters will take home great framed photos of their new Chihuahua fashioned in CHIchella style & other festival swag · First 15 Chihuahua adopters will receive a $10 Amazon ITunes Gift Card

To adopt one of our adorable pets, or if you would like to make a donation, or would like more information, please contact Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoption Department at: 858-756-4117 ext. 313, visit or stop by at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe.

About Helen Woodward Animal Center Helen Woodward Animal Center is a private, non-profit organization where “people help animals and animals help people.” Founded in 1972 in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., the Center provides services for more than 57,000 people and thousands of animals annually through adoptions, educational and therapeutic programs both onsite and throughout the community. Helen Woodward Animal Center is also the creator of the international Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption drive, the International Remember Me Thursday™ campaign and The Business of Saving Lives Workshops, teaching the business of saving lives to animal welfare leaders from around the world. For more information go to:

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Majestic canine art in San Francisco

San Francisco loves dogs and when you go for a dog walk, or explore the streets on your own, you will find canine images. The Mission District is home to lots of murals and street art of small and large scale. This majestic canine image was found a couple weeks ago, possibly part of the Clarion Alley Mural Project. Sometimes the artist's name is clearly shown but in this case we couldn't find it. Maybe it's the body language, but doesn't he remind you of Aslan, the noble lion and king of Narnia?
Your Majesty!

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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Moose

Ready to fall in love with an older dog? Come meet this sweet little toy poodle. Although his name suggests otherwise, Moose is actually on the smaller side making him a perfect lap dog!

image from


Moose has been through a lot of transitions lately, so he can be a bit nervous at first around new people and places.

Moose will do best in a quiet, mellow home that’s OK with taking things on the slower side.

We think Moose is around 9 years young, weighing about 15 lbs.

Meet him at Muttville on Rescue Row in San Francisco.

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How many dogs of Instagram are there?

I used to think I was crazy because I loved taking pictures of my dog. Years before Instagram I used my pocket Sony digital camera to grab shots of my dog's antics or sweet moments snoozing on the floor. After getting an iPhone, I jumped early into using the cool filters and frames of Instagram.

Seeing moments like the one I captured in this photo a couple months ago, I realize that not only am I not crazy but I'm quite normal, at least in San Francisco.


A photo posted by Sharon Castellanos (@city_girls) on Feb 5, 2015 at 11:54am PST

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Why we love dachshunds

There is nothing cuter than a low-riding, confident dog strolling on a Saturday morning down to the neighborhood farmers market. Watching a dachshund trot down the street with their long hair flowing in the breeze is like a supermodel with a fan on a photoshoot. Their doxie confidence is contagious!

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