2014 Highlights Include #DogsWeLove
Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Mona Lisa!

Who's Better than Siri or Garmin?

Dog lovers know the answer! Every kid out there who has every yelled "shotgun!" while racing their older brothers to the car knows the answer. Every college student who drove home for the holidays knows the answer.

Who is Better than Siri

If you are looking for a buddy, a navigator or a keeper of secrets, adopt a dog from your local shelter, rescue or humane society. And, if you really want a traveling companion with a sense of direction, adopt an older dog. They have experience and patience, perfect skills for going on adventures together.

Find your roadie and best buddy here:

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue -- www.muttville.org

Petfinder (Nationwide) -- www.petfinder.com

San Francisco SPCA -- www.sfspca.org

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