Batman pajama-clad greyhound in snow is one of our favorite videos of 2014
Who's Better than Siri or Garmin?

2014 Highlights Include #DogsWeLove

Dogs show us there is joy to be had from living in the moment. Your day, and whole life, can include uncertainty but find a sunny patch on the city sidewalk, and you might find yourself enjoying a moment. Something as simple as a sweet look between man and dog can lift your mood. Senior dogs in particular can make great teachers. When I look back over the past year, my old dog influenced me in many positive, and meaningful ways.


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Grouchy Puppy Founder Sharon Castellanos, and Cleo, her muse

I've compiled some of the best stories from 2014 that show us how dogs are like gardens, why dogs are perfect for introverts, and what my experience was like letting my beautiful dog pass on ahead of me [...] 

21 Stories in 2014 include my final journey with Cleo, and highlight how much we love all dogs, but especially senior ones:

Batman pajama-clad greyhound in snow is one of our favorite videos of 2014 (December 2014)

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Five reasons I'm thankful for my dog this Thanksgiving (November 2014)

Paying it Forward: 5 Ways To Ease Your Grief After Your Dog Passes Away (November 2014)

Our final gift: Why we chose in-home euthanasia for our dog (October 2014)

Finding your happy place: When you lose a dog like her, how do you move through the grief process? (October 2014)

Requiem for a Grouchy Puppy (September 2014)

Recording quiet moments with my old dog (September 2014)

Guess how our dog Cleo come into our life (August 2014)

My experience of letting go, being grateful, and seeing this old dog as a bridge (July 2014)

The emotional toll: Will it cause me to avoid having another dog? (July 2014)

If you missed SPARCS 2014 here are a few highlights for the dog lover (June 2014)

8 Ways a Dog is Perfect For an Introvert (June 2014)

How life with a senior dog keeps changing for the better (May 2014)

5 Reasons You'll Love a Senior Dog! (May 2014)

Spring cleaning and housekeeping at Grouchy Puppy (April 2014)

[Not so] Secret recipe for a happy life with an older dog (March 2014)

Why this photo of my old dog makes me smile every time (February 2014)

How do dogs get us to do the silliest things? (February 2014)

Why I became a human-animal bond advocate four years ago (January 2014)

How dogs are like gardens, and why that's a good thing (January 2014)

One of the highlights in 2014 was getting to contribute a post to The Grey Muzzle Organization's blog, and to be interviewed by them. It was an honor and hopefully the start of more collaborations in 2015:

A Lesson in Holiday Joy from My Old Dog contributed to Grey Muzzle Blog

Influence Positively Interview by The Grey Muzzle Organization

As the new year continues, I hope you'll join me online as I continue striving to elevate our conversations about dogs, dog adoption and senior dogs. Together we can positive influence others, and help people retire old beliefs about dogs. We can encourage people of all ages to open their hearts and minds to the human-animal bond. As Albert Einstein says, "Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act."



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