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Fostering Compassion: Opening your heart and home to senior dogs

You've given us a Thanksgiving miracle

Happy Thanksgiving to all the dog lovers out there! Today I give thanks for you, the reader, commenter, follower and friend. If you know anything, I expect you already know how thankful I am for my beloved old dog Cleo, however now I want to make sure you know how thankful I am for everyone who takes the time to comment here, on Facebook and Twitter, even on Pinterest and Instagram!

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It means a lot to get feedback on the many questions rattling around in my head as well as the stories and interviews I choose to share.

We may have lost our beloved old dog, but thanks to you she will live on. Our experiences together provide a wealth of resources and references for future conversations involving dogs, dog adoption, senior dogs, and more!

Today as my husband and I hold our Cleo next to our hearts, we'll be getting physical doggie love from her country cousins Bruin and Teddy.

Be safe, be well, and thank you all for being a part of my Grouchy Puppy family.

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