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People are learning that when you choose senior dog adoption there is incredible joy and companionship to be experienced. The couple in this story explain how every new canine family member adds a wonderful heartfelt dynamic to their home, and that it only took adopting one older dog to convince them that giving senior dogs a second chance is their mission. 


 "They are so grateful to be in a home again," Pamela says. "I think that they have a level of understanding far beyond what some people give credit for."

From Oregon Live:

Forest Heights residents Pamela and David Markowitz first discovered the joys of adopting older animals in 1999 when they were seeking a companion for their 4-year-old dog, Boy, who had lymphoma.

She and her husband were strolling through PetSmart when they heard a commotion – a crowd had gathered to admire a cute Dalmatian puppy.

Right next to the puppy was a sweet, 6-year-old dog who was getting no attention at all.

That dog was Lucy, whom they promptly adopted and cared for her until she passed away in 2010.

The Markowitzes made it their mission to give other senior dogs a second chance.

Those include Maggie, who passed away at 19; Nakota, a border collie, who lived to be 20; and Misty, a black Lab who's now 15.

Despite adopting him as a "hospice" pet, Grady went on to live seven more years and was about 19 when he passed away.

Learn more about Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon


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