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Dogs Make A Difference: A Family of Rescues

This year I lost my sweet old dog Cleo. She was my first adopted dog. I say first because our experience of having her as a member of our family was so completely life changing, odds are we'll be adopting future canine family members. My husband and I remain incredibly grateful for having had the chance to bring Cleo into our lives and family.

As a senior dog, life with her only got better too. As a way to honor her positive influence over us, we'll be sharing on Grouchy Puppy beautiful images and stories involving the relationship between people and their older dogs, from Project Unconditional.


Photo: © Jane Sobel Klonsky, Project Unconditional

A Family of Rescues

Jean Kind is surrounded by rescues. “Everyone is a rescue in my family,” she says. Each dog that arrives at Jean’s home has its own unique story, and in the face of the enormity of the need in rescuing abandoned dogs, these stories have helped Jean realize how profound it can be to make a difference in the life of one dog in the moment.

Jean has been involved with Grateful Dog Rescue in San Francisco for many years. Her work with rescue dogs in that time has made a profound impact on her life too. “As it turns out,” she says, “I thought I was making a difference in their lives when all along they made all the difference in mine.”

Project Unconditional by Jane Sobel Klonsky is a collection of photos and stories focusing on the powerful relationships between people and their older dogs.

Visit Project Unconditional for more photographs and information, and keep up with the project on Facebook.


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